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 +{{Dictkey|བླ་ན་མེད་པ།}} ([[Wyl.]] ''​bla na med pa ''​) {{Color|#​808080|''​Pron.:''​ lanamé pa}}
 +* ''​Skt.''​ अनुत्तरः,​ anuttara, {{Color|#​006060|''​Pron.:''​ anuttara}}. From {{Color|#​006060|''​Sanskrit:''​}} chief, principal | best, excellent | without a reply, unable to answer, silent | fixed, firm | low, inferior, base | south, southern | a reply which is coherent or evasive and therefore held to be no answer | a class of gods among the Jainas. {{Context|[[:​Category:​Mahavyutpatti|Mahavyutpatti]]}} {{Context|[[:​Category:​Sanskrit|Sanskrit]]}} {{Dictref|[[MVP]]}} {{Dictref|[[MW]]}}
 +[[Category:​Tibetan-English Dictionary]][[Category:​Mahavyutpatti]][[Category:​Sanskrit]][[Category:​Monier-Williams]]
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