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 +Digital Dictionary of Buddhism
 +DDB Top Page               XML source
 +[py] Jīngāng cuīsuì tuóluóní
 +[wg] Chin-kang ts'​ui-sui t'​o-lo-ni
 +[hg] 금강최쇄다라니
 +[mc] Geumgang choeswae darani
 +[mr] Kŭmgang ch'​oeswae tarani
 +[kk] コンゴウザイサイダラニ
 +[hb] Kongō zeizui darani
 +[qn] Kim cương tồi toái đà la ni
 +Basic Meaning: Dhāraṇī of the Vajra Obliteration
 +The Jingang cuisui tuoluoni; Skt. Vajravidāraṇa-dhāraṇī;​ Tib. rdo rje rnam par joms pa shes bya bai gzungs [To.750/​949,​ P.406/574]; 1 fasc. (T 1416.21.931–932) (http://​​SAT/​T1416.html),​ trans. Maitrībhadra 慈賢 (http://​​cgi-bin/​authorities?​q=%E6%85%88%E8%B3%A2). Prefixed by a brief discussion, absent in an alternate version, Dhāraṇī of the Smashing Vajra 壤相金剛陀羅尼經 (http://​​cgi-bin/​​58.xml+id('​b58e4-76f8-91d1-525b-9640-7f85-5c3c-7d93'​)) (T 1417) (http://​​SAT/​T1417.html). Formerly confused with the Vajrasūkṣmāpratihatadhāraṇī [To.753/​955,​ P.309/580]. BGBT4/148. [I. Sinclair]
 +〔大金剛妙高山樓閣陀羅尼 T 1415.21.931a26〕(http://​​SAT/​T1415_,​21,​0931a24:​1415_,​21,​0931b24.html) [cmuller]
 +Search SAT - http://​​SAT/​key:​%E9%87%91%E5%89%9B%E6%91%A7%E7%A2%8E%E9%99%80%E7%BE%85%E5%B0%BC
 +[Dictionary References]
 +Ding Fubao
 +Buddhist Chinese-Sanskrit Dictionary (Hirakawa) 1185
 +Bussho kaisetsu daijiten (Ono) ③470d*
 +Bukkyō daijiten (Oda) 481-2
 +Copyright provisions
 +The rights to textual segments (nodes) of the DDB are owned by the author indicated in the brackets next to each segment. For rights regarding the compilation as a whole, please contact Charles Muller. Please do not reproduce without permission. And please do not copy into Wikipedia without proper citation!
 +Entry created: 2001-09-08
 +[[Fair Use]] Source: http://​​cgi-bin/​​q=%E9%87%91%E5%89%9B%E6%91%A7%E7%A2%8E%E9%99%80%E7%BE%85%E5%B0%BC
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