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 +======= Twenty-One Praises of Tara =======
 +OM I prostrate to the noble transcendent liberator
 +1 Homage! [[Tara]], swift, heroic!
 +Eyes like lightning instantaneous!
 +Sprung from opening stamens of the
 +Lord of [[Three Realms|three world]]’s tear-born lotus!
 +2 Homage! She whose face combines a
 +Hundred autumn moons at fullest!
 +Blazing with light rays resplendent
 +As a thousand star collection!
 +3 Homage! Golden-blue one, lotus
 +Water born, in hand adorned!
 +Giving, effort, calm, austerities!
 +Patience, meditation her sphere!
 +4 Homage! Crown of t[[Tathagata]]s,​
 +Actions triumph without limit!
 +Relied on by conquerors’ children,
 +Having reached every perfection!
 +5 [[Homage]]! Filling with [[TUTTARE]],​
 +[[HUM]], desire, direction and space!
 +Trampling with her feet the seven worlds,
 +Able to draw forth all beings!
 +6 Homage! Worshipped by the all-lords,
 +[[Shakra]], [[Agni]], [[Brahma]], [[Marut]]!
 +Honored by the hosts of spirits,
 +Corpse-raisers,​ [[gandharva]]s,​ [[yaksha]]s!
 +7 Homage! With her TRAD and [[PHAT]] sounds
 +Destroying foes’ magic diagrams!
 +Her feet pressing, left out, right in,
 +Blazing in a raging fire-blaze!
 +8 Homage! TURE, very dreadful!
 +Destroyer of [[Mara]]’s champions!
 +She with frowning lotus visage
 +Who is slayer of all enemies!
 +9 Homage! At the heart her fingers,
 +Adorn her with Three Jewel mudra!
 +Light-ray masses all excited!
 +All directions’ wheels adorn her!
 +10 Homage! She so joyous, radiant,
 +[[Crown]] emitting [[garland]]s of light!,
 +Mirthful, laughing with [[TUTTARE]],​
 +Subjugating [[mara]]s, [[deva]]s!
 +11 Homage! She able to summon
 +All earth-guardians’ assembly!
 +Shaking, frowning, with her HUM sign
 +Saving from every misfortune!
 +12 Homage! Crown adorned with crescent
 +Moon, all ornaments most shining!
 +Amitabha in her hair knot
 +Sending out much light eternal!
 +13 Homage! She mid wreath ablaze like
 +A[[eon-ending fire]] abiding!
 +Right stretched, left bent, joy surrounds you
 +Troops of enemies destroying!
 +14 Homage! She who strikes the ground with
 +Her palm, and with her foot beats it!
 +Scowling, with the letter HUM the
 +Seven levels she does conquer!
 +15 Homage! Happy, virtuous, peaceful!
 +She whose field is peace, [[Nirvana]]!
 +She endowed with [[OM]] and [[SVAHA]],
 +Destroyer of the great evil!
 +16 Homage! She with joy surrounded
 +Tearing foes’ bodies asunder,
 +Frees with [[HUM]] and knowledge [[mantra]],
 +Arrangement of the ten letters!
 +17 Homage! [[TURE]]! With [[seed letter]]
 +Of the shape of syllable [[HUM]]!
 +By foot stamping shakes the three worlds,
 +[[Meru]], [[Mandara]] and [[Vindhya]]!
 +18 Homage! Holding in her hand the
 +Deer-marked moon of deva-lake form!
 +With twice spoken TARA and PHAT,
 +Totally dispelling [[poison]]!
 +19 Homage! She whom gods and their kings,
 +And the [[wp>​kinnara]]s do honor!
 +Armoured in all joyful splendor,
 +She dispels bad dreams and conflicts!
 +20 Homage! She whose two eyes bright with
 +Radiance of sun and full moon!
 +With twice [[HARA]] and [[TUTTARE]]
 +She dispels severe contagion!
 +21 Homage! Full of liberating
 +Power by the set of three natures!
 +Destroys hosts of spirits, [[wp>​yaksha]]s,​
 +And raised corpses! Supreme! TURE!
 +These prayers with the root mantras
 +And [[Prostration]]s thus are twenty-one!
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