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 Return to [[Glossary]] or [[Botanical family]] Return to [[Glossary]] or [[Botanical family]]
-==24 Commonly Used Ayurvedic Herbs== 
 [[Sanskrit]],​ [[botanical name]], [[Botanical family]] ​   [[Sanskrit]],​ [[botanical name]], [[Botanical family]] ​  
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 3. [[bala]], [[Sida cordifolia]],​ [[Malvaceae]] 3. [[bala]], [[Sida cordifolia]],​ [[Malvaceae]]
-4. [[bhringaraj]],​ [[Eclipta alba]], [[Composhitae]]+4. [[bhringaraj]],​ [[Eclipta alba]], [[Compositae]]
 5. [[bibhitaki]],​ [[Terminalia belerica]], [[Combretaceae]] 5. [[bibhitaki]],​ [[Terminalia belerica]], [[Combretaceae]]
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 23. [[vidari]], [[Ipomoea digitata]], [[Convolvulaceae]] 23. [[vidari]], [[Ipomoea digitata]], [[Convolvulaceae]]
-24. [[yashtimadhu]],​ [[Glycyrrhiza glabra]], [[Papilionaceae]]+24. [[yashtimadhu]],​ [[Glycyrrhiza glabra]], [[Glycyrrhiza]],​ [[Fabaceae]]
 Source: [[Michael Dick Herbal Handbook]]:​V3:​3. Source: [[Michael Dick Herbal Handbook]]:​V3:​3.
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 [[Category:​Ayurvedic Herbs]] [[Category:​Ayurvedic Herbs]]
 [[Category:​Herbs]] [[Category:​Herbs]]
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