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 +====== Ayurvedic Herbal Summary: The 80-20 Rule ======
 +It is best to use the [[80-20 Rule]] when studying [[Ayurveda]] and when
 +working with [[patient]]s.  If you are not familiar with this key law of
 +success. then please read here about this maxim.
 +When [[diagnosing]] [[patient]]s and [[formula]]ting their [[Herbal]] [[prescription]],​ you must
 +eliminate the unnecessary.  [[elimination]] is about [[time]] management, or rather
 +about not managing [[time]]. This is achieved applying the 80/20 rule to focus
 +only on those tasks (or those [[Herb]]s) that contribute the majority of
 +benefit. There'​s a difference between [[wp>​efficiency]] and [[wp>​effective]]ness and
 +people should choose to be [[wp>​effective]].
 +Here is the summary:
 +5 [[parts]] ​ 1st [[Herb]] [[dosha]] [[prakruti]] [[pratyanika]]:​
 +([[prakruti]] or [[genetic]]-[[karmic]] [[constitutional]] [[affinities]]).(See [[Prakruti Herbs]])
 +4 [[parts]]   2nd [[Herb]] [[vikruti]] [[pratyanika]]:​
 +([[affinities]] for the [[doshic]] disturbance)
 +1-2 [[parts]]   3rd [[Herb]] [[rakta]] [[dhatu]] / [[liver]] [[blood]] (Site of [[tejas]] -- [[energy]]
 +-- Site of [[anger]]):
 +2-3 [[parts]]   4th [[Herb]] [[asthi]] [[dhatu]] / [[bone]] [[tissue]]:
 +2-3 [[parts]]   5th [[Herb]] [[reproductive]] (Site of [[ojas]] -- [[immunity]],​ [[patience]],​
 +[[energy]] -- Sex [or [[Brahmacharya]]] -- 3rd of the "​[[Four Pillars]] of Life"​):​
 +1-2 [[parts]]   6th [[Herb]] [[kidney]]s (Site of [[ojas]] -- [[immunity]],​
 +Stick-to-it-iveness -- Site of [[fear]]):
 +1-3 [[parts]]   7th [[Herb]] [[heart]] (Site of [[ojas]] -- [[energy]] -- Site of Joy):
 +1-3 [[parts]]   7th [[Herb]] [[lung]]s (Site of [[prana]]/​Qi -- Site of [[grief]]):
 +2 [[parts]]   8th [[Herb]] [[nidra]] ([[sleep]] -- The Mother of All [[Healing]] -- 1st of
 +the "​[[Four Pillars]] of Life"​):​
 +3 [[parts]]   9th [[Herb]] [[manas]]-[[majja]] (Site of [[prana]] [[vayu]], [[sadhaka]] [[pitta]], [[tarpaka]]
 +[[kapha]]  -- [[meditation]] [or [[dhyana]] [[wp>​[[samadhi]] and [[prajna]]] -- 4th of the "​[[Four Pillars]] of Life"​):​
 +3 [[parts]]   10th [[Herb]] [[agni]] / [[stomach]] (Site of [[kapha]], [[pitta]], and [[vata]]
 +-- [[food]] - 2nd of the "​[[Four Pillars]] of Life"​):​
 +31 [[tablespoon]]s = 93 [[teaspoon]]s /
 +3 [[teaspoon]]s per day [[with meals]] = 31 days supply.
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