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 +====== The Six-Session Guru Yoga ======
 +[[Abbreviated Six Session Guru Yoga]]
 +In my heart I turn to the [[Three Jewels]] of [[Refuge]],
 +May I free [[suffering creatures]] and place them in [[bliss]];
 +May the [[compassionate spirit of love]] grow within me.
 +That I might complete the [[enlightening path]].
 +In the sky on a lotus, a sun, and a moon seat,
 +I see my [[lama]] ([[Root Guru]]) as [[Dorje Chang]] ([[wp>​Vajradhara]]),​
 +Blue in color, holding [[dorje]] and [[bell]] ([[vajra and bell]],
 +Experiencing [[great bliss]] with his [[consort]] [[wp>​Ying Chukma]].
 +On his brow a [[white OM]], at his throat a [[red AH]],
 +From the [[blue HUM]] at his heart many colors shine out,
 +Calling forth [[the awakened]] from all [[ten directions]],​
 +Inviting them to him to melt into one.
 +To your blue [[lotus]] feet I [[bow]], [[Dorje Chang]].
 +With [[oceans of clouds]] I make [[triple offerings]]:​
 +[[The lands]], [[jeweled vase]], [[the sun and the moon]],
 +And all precious offerings I make unto you.
 +[[Powers supreme]] and [[powers mundane]]
 +Follow upon [[pure]] [[devotion]] to you, my protector,
 +Thus my body, my life, and my wealth I forsake
 +And ask for your aid only to please you.
 +Now my lama requested comes to the top
 +Of my head and dissolves till we both are one;
 +And I, [[wp>​Dorje Sempa]], unite with [[wp>​Chomdenma]],​
 +Holding dorje and bell and feeling great bliss.
 +Land, body, and wealth and all virtues collected,
 +For the sake of all mothers I gladly release,
 +And I vow to protect all the vows I have taken
 +Nor transgress even one for the sake of my life.
 +By means of holding both [[sutra]] and [[tantra]]
 +May I liberate all living creatures completely.
 +May the virtues collected flow on toward the Dharma,
 +Preserve it, and nourish the prayers of the masters.
 +I request that the grace of the Three Jewels of Refuge,
 +Following on by cause and effect,
 +Shall fulfill all the prayers that I now set forth
 +And lead me across to enlightenment'​s shore.
 +As part of the commitments from receiving a [[maha anuttara yoga tantra]] [[initiation]],​ this prayer is to be recited three times each morning and three times each evening for the rest of this lifetime.
 +Translation of both the full-length and abbreviated versions of six session guru yoga by Alexander Berzin and Sharpa Tulku. Reprinted by permission. For a revised translation of these texts by Alexander Berzin, go to Lightly edited for the FPMT Prayer Book, FPMT Education Department, January 1999. Revised edition, Match 2002.
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