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 +====== Who Are We? ======
 +As a [[non-profit]] [[wp>​501(c)3]] religious organization,​ [[Medicine Buddha Healing Center]]’s main aim is to preserve the rich and ancient physical-psycho-spiritual healing traditions of East Indian [[Ayurvedic Medicine]], [[Chinese Medicine]], and [[Tibetan Medicine]] and impart this time-tested wisdom to younger generations here in the San Francisco Bay Area (Berkeley - Walnut Creek - East Bay, San Rafael - Marin, San Francisco - Oakland, Santa Clara - San Jose - Silicon Valley) and the rest of the world. ​
 +We are a network of kindred Indo-Tibetan Ayurvedic and Chinese Medicine [[Acupuncture]] Practitioners joined together to provide traditional Ayurvedic, Tibetan and Traditional Chinese Medicine and acupuncture treatments including Pancha Karma purification / cleansing massage, herbal remedies, dietary and nutrition counseling, Yoga and meditation, Jyotish Vedic astrology, spiritual counseling and lifestyle health recommendations.  ​
 +As a Dharma Center, in spirit of giving (dana paramita), we offer all of our healing services on a sliding scale suggested donation basis. ​ Through your support we in turn "pay it forward"​ and support the spread of the Dharma (healing wisdom teachings) in the world via the Sangha (renunciate mendicant practitioners - cultivators).
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