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 +'''​Acetaminophen''',​ sold as the brand name '''​[[Tylenol]]'''​ and known in most other countries as '''​[[Paracetamol]]''',​ sold as '''​Panadol''',​ is an [[OTC]] ([[over-the-counter]]) [[pain reliever]] and [[fever reducer]]. It is among the most commonly used [[analgesic]]s,​ and has become more popular in recent years due to the fact that it does not irritate the [[stomach]] lining, as [[aspirin]] can. Common doses for adults are 500-1000mg at a time, usually adding up to no more than 4000mg (4 grams) per day.
 +== Side effects ==
 +*Rebound headache
 +*Severe [[liver]] damage resulting from overdose, either accidental or intentional.
 +== Additional notes ==
 +While acetaminophen is judged safe and effective for human use at suggested doses, as mentioned above, overdoses can cause severe liver damage. The poisoning must be treated within 8 hours for the antidote to prove useful. Cases left unattended for longer than 8 hours may require a liver transplant. Also, acetaminophen is very toxic to cats, and should never be given to them, as even small amounts can prove deadly.
 +[[Category:​Drugs with unknown mechanisms of action]]
 +[[Category:​World Health Organization essential medicines]]
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