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 +====== Agni ======
 +[[agni]] - [[fire]] [[element]],​ the second of the [[five element]]s in the [[body]]; it regulates [[temperature]],​ performs [[digestion]],​ [[absorption]],​ and [[assimilation]] of ingested [[food]], and [[transform]]s [[food]] into [[energy]] or [[consciousness]]. ​
 +Agni The biological fire of [[digestion]] and metabolism ([[pitta]]) providing energy for
 +the body to function. ​
 +[[ayurvedic_cooking_for_self_healing]],​ 1997: p. 239
 +[[fair_use|{{ agni-cookpot.jpg?​700 |Agni - Metabolic Fire of the Cookstove of your Stomach}}]]
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