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 +======= Akashagarbha Bodhisattva =======
 +Akasha Garbha Bodhisattva or [[Empty Space Treasury Bodhisattva]]
 +Om Namo Shurangama Sutra Dasha Bodhisattva Sangha Sagara: I eternally take refuge in  1. Om Namo Manjushri ​  2. Bhaisajya Raja Bhaisajya Samudgata (taste), 3. Samantabhadra (ear consciousness),​ 4. Maintaining-the-Ground Bodhisattva (earth element), 5. Chandra Prabha (water element), 6. Vaidurya (Lapis Lazuli) (wind element), 7. Treasury of Emptiness Bodhisattva (Akasha Garbha Bodhisattva) (space element), 8. Maitreya (Ajita) (consciousness element) 9. Mahasthamaprapta (element of perception),​ 10. Aryavalokiteshvara Bodhisattva Mahasattvaya Maha Karuna Kaya Om Sarva Abhaya (ear organ) (Shurangama Sutra, Volume Five), ​ 13. swo she la pe jya (SAÀRAVAKA - Om Namo Sri Ananda Arhat (our hero and protagonist),​ Ajnatakaundinya (sound), Upanishad (form), Pure Youth Adorned with Fragrance (smell), Bhadrapala (touch), Mahakashyapa and Purple-golden Light Bhikshuni (dharmas-thoughts - First Patriarch - foremost Tapasya ascetic practices (endures suffering) and in age. Still sitting in samadhi in Chicken Foot Mountain waiting for Maitreya Buddha to appear in the world.), Aniruddha (eye organ - No sleep for 7 days, went blind – Vajra Illuminating Bright Samadhi - Foremost in Heavenly Eye), Kshudra-Panthaka (nose organ), Gavampati (tongue organ - Cow Cud - foremost of those who receive offerings of the Gods), Pilindavatsa (body organ - river-spirit “Little Servant”),​ Subhuti (mind organ), Shariputra (Chakshur Vijnana eye consciousness - Foremost Prajna Wisdom), Sundarananda (nose consciousness),​ Purnamaitreyaniputra (tongue consciousness),​ Upali (body consciousness),​ Maha-Maudgalyayana (Mano Vijnana mind consciousness - Foremost Siddhis), Mahakatyayana (Foremost in Debate), Mahakaushthila (Shariputra’s Uncle - debater), Revata (Foremost in not being upset or confused), Suddhipanthaka (“sweep clean”), Nanda, Sundarananda (Buddha’s little brother with beautiful wife Sundara), Rahula (Gupta Sadhana - Secret Practices), Pindola Bharadvaja (greedily displayed Siddhis for a sandalwood bowl -- Whenever people make offerings to the Triple Jewel, he comes to receive them, acting as a field of blessedness for beings in the Dharma-ending age.) , Kalodayin (“Black Light” - foremost teacher who taught and transformed the greatest number of people, creating over one thousand certified sages.), Mahakapphina (Foremost in Jyotish Astrology), Vakkula (Foremost in Ahimsa and in Age [lived to 160 years]), and others.
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