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 +====== Amitabha Buddha ======
 +[[Amitabha]]'​s [[body]] is the [[color]] of [[gold]],
 +The splendor of his hall[[mark]]s has no peer. 
 +The [[light]] of his brow shines round a [[hundred]] [[world]]s,
 +Wide as the sea are his [[eye]]s [[pure]] and [[clear]]. ​
 +Shining in his brilliance by [[transformation]]
 +Are countless [[Bodhisattva]]s and [[Infinite]] [[Buddha]]s. ​
 +His [[Forty-Eight Vows]] will be our [[liberation]],​
 +In [[nine]] [[Lotus]]-[[stage]]s we reach the farthest [[shore]]. ​
 +[[homage]] to the [[Buddha]] of the [[west]]ern [[Pure Land]],
 +[[kind]] and [[compassion]]ate [[Amitabha]]. ​
 +([[RH]] 137-138; [[UW]] 28)
 +The [[Buddha]] [[Amita]] is the [[Buddha]] of the [[west]]ern [[Land]] of [[ultimate]] [[bliss]]. ​ He
 +is also [[know]]n as [[Amitabha]] '​[[Infinite]] [[light]]',​ and [[Amitayus]] '​[[Infinite]] [[life]]'​.
 +"Both [[Amitabha]] [[Buddha]] and [[Shakyamuni]] [[Buddha]] were [[people]] who became [[Buddha]]s .
 +. . . " ([[AS]] 11)
 +1) [[Chinese]]:​ a mi to fo (Jap. '​[[Amida]]'​);​ 2) [[Sanskrit]]:​ [[Amita]], [[Amitabha]],​ [[Amitayus]];​
 +3) [[Pali]] ---.
 +[[See Also]]: [[Pure Land]], [[Five Types of Buddhist Study and Practice]]- [[Pure Land]], [[Buddha recitation]],​ [[Avalokiteshvara]] ([[Bodhisattva]]),​ [[Vajradharma]]
 +[[BTTS References]]:​ [[AS]] 10-11, 20; [[UW]] 28-29, 131-135, 215-217; [[SM]] IV]] 53; [[SM]] V]]
 +[[Fair Use]] Source:
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