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 +Amla Avastha Paka (Sour stage). ​
 +Hydrochloric acid ([[pachaka pitta]]) is secreted in the [[stomach]] and makes the food acidic. [[Kledaka kapha]] protects the stomach from the acidic secretions. Stomach is still [[heavy]], due to [[Earth element]], but increasingly lighter from [[Fire element]], which promotes digestive [[enzymes]]. Digestion of [[protein]] and [[fat]] begins. The sour stage can exacerbate [[pitta conditions]],​ such as [[itching]] and [[skin rashes]]. Sour taste is yielded into [[rasa dhatu]]. ​
 +[[Vaidya]] [[Vasant Lad]], [[Textbook of Ayurveda Volume 1]], 2001: p. 261
 +[[Fair Use]]
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