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 +======= Apples =======
 +[[wp>​apple]]s come in many [[color]]s and varieties, but for
 +[[Ayurvedic]] [[heal]]ing we shall look at their [[ripe]]/​[[sweet]]
 +[[quality]] and their [[sour]] [[quality]]. When [[sweet]], [[apple]]s are
 +[[s[[light]]ly [[astringent]],​ [[cool]]ing and the [[vipak]]a (post-[[digestive]]
 +[[effect]]) is [[sweet]]. On the other [[hand]], [[sour]] [[apple]]s are
 +mainly [[astringent]] in [[taste]], [[cool]]ing and the [[vipak]]a is [[pungent]].
 +[[apple]]s are good for [[Pitta]] and [[Kapha]], but too [[dry]]ing
 +for [[Vata]] unless they are well-[[cook]]ed and [[spice]]d. The [[skin]] of the [[apple]]
 +is [[hard]] to [[digest]] and can [[cause]] [[gas]]. Do not eat the [[seed]]s of the [[apple]], for
 +they are [[astringent]] and [[bitter]] and can [[cause]] [[Vata]] aggravation.
 +====== Remedies using Apples ======
 +1. [[raw]] [[apple]], even though it [[stimulates Vata]], [[relieve]]s [[constipation]],​ [[bleed]][[Ayurvedic]]
 +Page 188
 +ing [[gum]]s and over-sali[[Vati]]on. It is [[traditional]]ly used for stomat[[itis]] -- an
 +[[inflammation]] of the oral [[mucus membrane]] or [[cold]] [[sore]]s in the [[mouth]].
 +One can [[peel]] and [[chew]] an [[apple]] tho[[rough]]ly,​ an [[hour]] or so after a
 +meal, to help regularize the [[bowel]]s and to clean the [[tongue]] and teeth.
 +The [[skin]] can be [[peel]]ed off easily if the [[apple]] is soaked in [[hot]] [[Water]] for
 +15 [[minute]]s.
 +2. [[apple]] [[juice]] is helpful for [[burn]]ing [[sensation]]s in [[Pitta]] [[condition]]s such as
 +[[gastritis]],​ [[colitis]] and [[bladder]] [[infection]]s.
 +3. To help [[stop]] [[diarrhea]] and [[dysentery]],​ [[peel]] and [[cook]] a couple of [[apple]]s
 +until [[soft]]. Add a [[pin]]ch of [[nut]]meg]],​ [[Saffron]] and [[one teaspoon]] of [[ghee]] and
 +eat [[slow]]ly.
 +4. For a delicious dessert, re[[move]] the [[skin]]s and the core from 5 [[apple]]s.
 +Blend or m[[ash]] the mixture to make a pulp. Add [[honey]] to [[taste]] and mix
 +tho[[rough]]ly. Add μ [[teaspoon]] of [[powder]]ed [[cardamom]],​ a [[pin]]ch each of
 +[[Saffron]] and [[nut]]meg]] and 10 drops of [[Rose]] [[Water]] or a few [[organ]]ic [[Rose]]
 +[[petal]]s. About ½ [[cup]] of this “[[honey]]-[[apple]] pulp” can be ea[[ten]] at least an
 +[[hour]] after the meal. [[Ayurveda]] says do not take [[milk]], [[yogurt]] or [[fish]] at
 +least 4 [[hour]]s either before or after [[eating]] this pulp, be[[cause]] it makes a
 +bad [[food]] combin[[ati]]on.
 +This dessert is a good energetic [[food]] for the [[heart muscle]]s, [[relax]]es the
 +[[blood]] vessels and helps to [[relieve]] [[swelling]] of the [[feet]]. [[traditional]]ly it is
 +used as a [[food]] for people with varicose [[vein]]s, [[insomnia]],​ [[sexual debility]]
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