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Certified Organic Arjuna bark powder (Terminalia arjuna)

A famous cardiac tonic used in Ayurveda for a variety of heart conditions.


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WHAT IT DOES: Arjuna bark is astringent in taste, cooling in action, and light and dry in property. It is an anti-poison agent that tonifies, strengthens and protects the heart and musculo-skeletal system.

RATING: Gold Standard of Herbal Ratings


STARTING DOSAGE: • Dried powder: two grams two to three times per day • 4:1 concentrated powder extract: one gram two times per day • 1:2 tincture: 20-40 drops two to three times per day

Arjuna bark is one of the most important heart tonics in Ayurvedic medicine, used to treat all forms of heart disease. It reduces the heart-damaging culprits of inflammation (Pitta) and mucus (Kapha), and is strong enough to protect against scorpion stings. Arjuna bark contains a fair amount of triterpenoid saponins, and cooking tends to activate these chemicals (which is why saponin-rich Chinese ginseng root is always cooked). Looking at the traditional literature, we see that for more than 1,500 years TAM doctors have boiled arjuna bark in milk or ghee to make medicine, having patients ingest it daily for up to a year.

Source: Alan Keith Tillotson, The One Earth Herbal Sourcebook, 2001

Arjuna - Terminalia arjuna (

a - not, rjuna - twisted, means person whose mind is not twisted, innocent, unspotted, devotional mind/ arjuna brings all theses qualities to the mind

Arjun - Krishna’s ( devotee is named Arjuna (, take daily will enhance bhakti (devotion) in your heart

Innocent and pure mind and heart - such a deep ancient connection

rasa: astringent

virya: cooling

vipaka: katu - pungent

Action on doshas: Vata decrease

Pitta decrease

Kapha decrease,

large dose - Vata increase

part used - bark - astringent, has [alkaloid]] (


Arjuna has affinity to heart, improves tone of heart muscle and maintains cardiac electro potential (

Arjuna is cardiac tonic ( because of tannin (, which enhances the tone of heart muscle.

If the coronary artery ( is blocked (see, arjuna improves circulation ( around that area.

Arjuna improves circulation to heart muscle, tx (recommended for) ischemia (, infarction (

Arjuna is recommended in angiogenesis ( since it helps develop new blood vessels ( – thus Dr. Lad refers to it as “herbal by-pass” (

mild analgesic ( - relieves cardiac pain, tx (recommended for) cardiac asthma (

Arjuna is a cardiac analgesic and a coronary vasodilator ( and

Arjuna slows down heart rate ( - tx (recommended for) tachycardia (

Arjuna is a blood thinner (

Arjuna has natural tannins that are hydrostable.

Arjuna has natural acid - ellagic acid ( and is a mild diuretic ( and a coronary vasodilator.

Arjuna is a source of lactone.

Arjuna is a natural beta -blocker, active principle = beta sitosterol , which is also calcium channel blocker

Arjuna helps remove plaque

Arjuna decreases cholesterol, triglyceride (maintains good cholesterol)

Arjuna is a mild diuretic, reduces edema, stimulates pancreatic activities

Arjuna is astringent –> binds stools, antidysenteric

Arjuna is antipyretic, hypotensive

Arjuna is a sedative - tx cough, coronary vasodilator

Arjuna helps develop granulation tissue to heal peptic ulcer, diabetic ulcer

Arjuna regulates blood sugar - because contains tanin & lactone which both stimulate secretion of insulin, therefore action on kloma - pancreas - helps stimulate islands of langrehan so produce more insulin

Tx: safe dose = 2oo mg TID

Arjuna can be used as powder, tea, concoction, asava

ingredient in cardovite tincture

tx ischemia

tx cold, congestion, cough , asthma (because of astringent properties)

congestive cardiac failure (cumin-coriander]-[[fennel) - one quarter to one half tsp. arjuna + 1 tsp. gold water (keep in brown bottle) BID

cardiac edema - one quarter tsp. arjuna + one half tsp. punarnava - steep in hot water for 10 mins

congestive heart failure can lead to pitting on pressure edema of ankles pulmonary congestion - arjuna acts as pulmonary diuretic

arjuna can tx both

Arjuna helps with blood in stools, hemorrhoids - 3 tsp. arjuna + 1 cup buttermilk

Arjuna is good for fractured bones - boil 1 tsp. arjuna + 1 cup milk –> drink BID

Arjuna is good for diabetic ulcer - wash wound with arjuna tea (1 tsp arjun + herbal tea), wash external wound

Arjuna helps cardiac arrhythmia, anxiety tachycardia, extra systole - 3 tsp. arjuna + 3 tsp. punarnava + 7 tsp. pippali, BID or TID

Arjuna + shringa bhasma –> help form new blood vessels in heart, angiogenesis

Arjuna arista - herbal wine with cardamom, ginger, cinnamon, etc.. half cup + diluted with water red wine = vasodilator

tx diabetic neuropathy, diabetic cardiopathy

CI - small dose ok for pericardial effusion & chronic hypertension with myocardial hypertrophy constrictive pericarditis, bronchial asthma bradhycardia = heart rate below 50, arjuna will decrease heart rate even more tx with shringabhasma. Don’t use if person on digitalis

Arjuna has similar action as beta blocker so don’t use massive dose if on it

Fair Use

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