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 +An '''​arrhythmia'''​ is any disorder of a person'​s [[heart]] rate or rhythm. Their heart beats too quickly, too slowly or with an irregular pattern. When the heart beats faster than normal, it is called [[tachycardia]]. When the heart beats too slowly, it is called [[bradycardia]].
 +Many factors can affect the heart'​s rhythm, such as having a [[heart attack]], blood chemistry imbalances or abnormal [[hormone]] levels. Some substances or medicines may also cause arrhythmia.
 +Symptoms of arrhythmia include:
 +* Fast or slow heart beat
 +* Skipping beats
 +* Lightheadedness,​ [[dizziness]]
 +* [[Chest pain]]
 +* [[Shortness of breath]]
 +* [[Paleness]]
 +* [[Sweat]]ing<​ref>​http://​​medlineplus/​arrhythmia.html</​ref>​
 +[[Category:​Heart Diseases]]
 +[[Category:​Vata Diseases]]
 +[[Category:​Vata Symptoms]]
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