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 +[[Satmya]] = ‘tolerence’ ​
 +[[Asatmya]] = ‘intolerence’ or ‘hypersensitivity’
 +This refers to [[wp>​allergies]]. Natural [[wp>​immunity]] is tolerance to [[wp>​environmental stress]], but the body can become hypersensitive due to chronic [[ama]] deep in the connective tissue or [[dhatus]] producing [[wp>​antibodies]]. ​ These antibodies go unused and linger in [[rasa dhatu]] and [[rakta dhatu]] waiting for any little cause to attack. ​ When that small cause comes, they jump to attention and the [[wp>​histamine]] response ([[wp>​cytotoxic]] pittogenic ama) is out of proportion to the cause.  ​
 +[[Fair Use]] 
 +Source: ​ [[Vaidya]] [[Vasant Lad]], [[BAMS]], [[MASc]], [[Ayurvedic Studies Program Gurukula Mount Madonna Class Notes]], 1996-1997-1998-1999-2000-2001-2002
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