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(Sanskrit) [from a not + vi-vrit to turn around, revolve] Non-revolving, non-transmigrating; in the case of a reembodying entity, one who is advanced so far on the evolutionary path that he is no longer enslaved by, or enchained in, the whirling waves of samsara. Hence also translated “one who does not revolve any more,” applied to seventh round human beings, and therefore strictly referable to one who has reached Nirvana. Also applied to every Buddha “who turns no more back; who goes straight to Nirvana” (TG 44), for whether Nirvana is entered as in the case of the Pratyekabuddhas, or whether the avaivartika renounces that lofty state and remains in the Nirmanakaya as a Buddha of Compassion, both classes of Buddhas have passed beyond the necessity of “revolving” any more in this round.

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