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 +Avaivartika ​
 +([[Sanskrit]]) [from a not + vi-vrit to turn around, revolve] Non-revolving,​ non-[[transmigrating]];​ in the case of a reembodying [[entity]], one who is advanced so far on the evolutionary path that he is no longer enslaved by, or enchained in, the whirling waves of [[samsara]]. Hence also translated "one who does not revolve any more," applied to seventh round [[human]] beings, and therefore strictly referable to one who has reached [[Nirvana]]. Also applied to every [[Buddha]] "who turns no more back; who goes straight to Nirvana"​ (TG 44), for whether Nirvana is entered as in the case of the [[Pratyekabuddha]]s,​ or whether the [[avaivartika]] renounces that lofty state and remains in the [[Nirmanakaya]] as a Buddha of Compassion, both classes of [[Buddhas]] have passed beyond the necessity of "​revolving"​ any more in this round. ​
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