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 +======= Awareness =======
 +**Awareness** translates several key Tibetan and Sanskrit terms, including:
 +  * [[ཤེས་པ་]],​ //​[[shépa]]//​ (Wyl. //shes pa//), which is basic knowing or cognizance
 +  * [[ཤེས་བཞིན་]],​ //​[[shéshyin]]//​ (Wyl. //shes bzhin//), which is also translated as [[vigilance]] or watchful awareness
 +  * [[རིག་པ་]],​ //​[[rigpa]]//​ (Wyl. //rig pa//), which is the pure awareness of the [[Dzogchen]] teachings
 +===== Categories =====
 +[[Category:​Key Buddhist Terms]]
 +[[Category:​Disambiguation pages]]
 +[[Fair Use]] Source: http://​​index.php?​title=Awareness
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