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Modern Findings


Modern Findings

Sesame Oil:

· anti-neoplastic (in vitro): melanoma and colon cancer

· bacteriostatic: reduces bacterial counts in saliva (as a mouthwash)

· anti-fungal: reduces athletes foot fungus

· anti-oxidant: acts as a free radical scavenger (may replace damaged lipid molecules in the cells)

The Massage:

· stimulates production of growth hormone which acts to promote growth and to improve immune function

· done prior to chemotherapy reduces its side effects

Ancient Textual references

Sesame Oil: its qualities heavy, oily, smooth, dull, warm, penetrating:

· balance the qualities of vata dosha

· balance pitta and kapha by controlling the master dosha

· perform a lubricating and releasing function for wastes to promote and maintain self-referral (balance/homeostasis)

· promote improved tissue function–skin tone, flexibility, softness

· normalization of appetite

· improved functioning of senses

· retarded hair loss

· improved sense of well-being

The Massage:

· assists in the dissolution of ama mechanically

· assists in the dissolution of ama from increased heat related to both friction and physical movement

· stimulates the improved elimination of ama

· soothes the senses

· soothes the mind

· relaxes the body

· triggers reflex (marma) points to improve physiology

Summary: The daily oil massage (abhyanga) is a useful task for the prevention of imbalance and maintenance of normal physiology. By helping to eliminate ama (stress) which degrades mind-body functioning it simultaneously promotes the conditions for the experience and growth of higher states of consciousness. It also directly cultivates self-referral by bringing attention and awareness to the body (away from the distraction of the sense objects in the field of relative creation).

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