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Dick, Michael, M.S., Ph.D., compiler and editor, Ayurvedic Herbology Handbook, West Palm Beach, Florida: Dhanvantari Ayurveda Center: 2002. Revised May 8 2004

Please visit to purchase the latest greatly expanded printed version directly from the author Michael Dick, Ph.D. The extensive commentarial MP3 audio lectures have been built around the 2004 electronic edition from Michael. His latest version is 2008. It is well worth the investment as an upgrade. The cost of the new version is not part of the Clinical Ayurveda Therapist tuition.!Bibliography_Dick_Michael_Ayurvedic_Herbology_Handbook_Ayurveda.htm

A Topical Survey of Ayurvedic Herbology

(Formerly: Ayurvedic Herbology Handbook)


This work is in a three-ringed binder format and has about 540 pages of content and about 85 pages of appendices. It's divided into 20 sections covering the following topics: 1. History 2. Health and Disease 3. Treatment 4. Medicine 5. Dravya Guna–Theory of Drug Action 6. Classification 7. Identification 8. Pharmacology 9. Pharmacognosy 10. Interactions 11. Toxicology 12. Forms of Ayurvedic Preparations 13. Compounding 14. GMP's–Handling, Processing, Storage 15. Technology / Apparatuses 16. Ethics 17. Legal Components 18. Resources 19. Applied Herbology – The 24 Herbs 20. Appendices

The intent of the Handbook is to present the classical position as much as possible, thus there are many citations included in this work. While not yet a textbook–stand-alone-volume–for independent study this work is evolving in this direction. As time passes the explanatory remarks are being introduced for more complete presentation and comprehension of the material.

The Handbook is intended as a broad survey of the topic of Ayurvedic herbology and not as an exhaustive study of the subject. $75. incl. S&H (US only)

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Buy Handbook and PDF File of the Entire Herbology Handbook – Fully Searchable and Printable $100 extra S&H included (US only)

PDF File of the Entire Herbology Handbook only NO hardcopy– Fully Searchable and Printable $150 S&H included (US only)

Ayurvedic Herbology Handbook with its Herbal Database CD $95. S&H included (US only)

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