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Bhringaraj oil

Bhringaraj oil

Eclipta alba. This oil (tailam) has a rasa that is pungent (katu) and bitter (tikta), a heating energy (ushna virya). Its vipak is pungent (katu).

This oil is Vata decreasing and Kapha decreasing. But because of its heating nature (ushna virya), if it is used for a long time, it may stimulate Pitta. Bhringaraj Tailam is not as Pitta provoking as cayenne pepper, or curry. Bhringaraj oil has an affinity especially towards majja dhatu (nervous system). It also helps rasa dhatu (lympathic) and rakta dhatu (blood) for the skin and the liver. Bhringaraj oil benefits shukra dhatu (male reproductive tissue). Finally it is useful for asthi dhatu (bone tissue). If one rubs Bhringaraj oil on the skin and lies in the sunlight, because of the rays of the sun and Bhringaraj oil, it will stimulate erythrogenesis. Thus in the case of anemia (pandu), Bhringaraj oil is useful. Then for a person, who has hair falling out (alopecia), or vitiligo, or a person who has skin conditions like, scalp dandruff or fungal infection of the skin, Bhringaraj Tailam can be applied topically, but this is a very good hair tonic, it helps to strengthen the hair and makes it luxurious. It restores the normal texture, tone and contour of skin and hair. Bhringaraj oil has antifungal properties, anti-bacterial properties, and it is used for those conditions.

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