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 +======= Bhumi - bhūmi - ས་ - sa - Bodhisattva Ground or Stage or Level =======
 +[[Asanga]], author of the //​[[Bodhisattva Bhumis]]//​]]
 +**Bhumi** (Skt. //​[[bhūmi]]//;​ Tib. [[ས་]], [[Wyl.]] //sa//), stage or level — the word //bhumi// literally means ‘[[ground]]’. Just as the ground is the support for everything, both animate and inanimate, the bhumis are said to be ‘supports’ for [[enlightened qualities]]. So this term is used when referring to the stages a [[Bodhisattva]] traverses on the path to [[enlightenment]]. There are [[ten bhumis]] in the [[Sutrayana]],​ with the eleventh being Buddhahood, and thirteen in the [[Tantrayana]]. The [[Dzogchen]] teachings sometimes speak of [[sixteen bhumis]].
 +===== Translation =====
 +Luis Gomez has written:
 +>...the translations "​ground,​ earth,"​ etc. for //bhūmi// may be examples of [[Buddhist Hybrid English]] (I am not sure "the [[first bodhisattva ground]]"​ makes much sense). The [[Skt.]] word means essentially the surface of the earth, any habitable surface, or one on which one can stand, hence it also means the floor of a house or building, hence, "​story"​ (as in British "​storey"​) or "​level,"​ and then, metaphorically as in English, "​stage"​ or "​ranking."​ I realize that saying that a [[Bodhisattva]] progresses through [[[ten levels]] or [[ten stages]] does not sound very poetical, but going through "[[ten grounds]]"​ is not poetical either.<​ref>​Luis O. Gómez, 'The Way of the Translators:​ Three Recent Translations of [[Sântideva'​s Bodhicaryâvatâra]]'​. //Buddhist Literature I// (1999) p.310.</​ref>​
 +===== Notes =====
 +===== Internal Links =====
 +  * [[ten bhumis]]
 +  * [[thirteen bhumis]]
 +  * [[sixteen bhumis]]
 +  * [[twenty-one bhumis]] according to [[Anuyoga]]
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 +[[Category:​Key Buddhist Terms]]
 +[[Category:​Paths and Stages]]
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