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Bitter attributes according to Ayurveda

Bitter is called tikta. Tikta is composed of the air and space elements.Bitter taste/flavor enhances all other flavors but we are most lacking the flavor in our diet.The attributes of bitter are light,dry, and cold. Bitter increases vata but decreases pitta and kapha.Bitter is anti inflammatory,cleanses the liver, kills germs,and is drying to the bodily system. Bitter aids in scraping the fat and toxins from the system. Too much bitter can cause nausea and and reduce bone marrow. Bitter taste can promote excessive dryness and over comsumption may deplete any of the dhatus. Bitter taste can help the mind unattach itself from the senses and act as a way to withdraw the senses.(pg. 248 chapter nine Dr. Vas ant Lad textbook of AYurveda volume one)

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