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 +======= Bodhaka Kapha =======
 +[[bodhaka kapha]]
 +"The [[next]] important [[subtype]] of [[kapha]] is [[bodhaka kapha]]. The [[Sanskrit]] word [[bodhaka]] comes from [[bodhana]],​ which means to make [[know]]n. It is located in the [[mouth]] and is represented by [[saliva]], which is [[liquid]], [[sticky]], [[sweet]], and [[slight]]ly [[unctuous]]. The [[liquid]] [[quality]] of [[bodhaka kapha]] keeps the [[mouth]] [[wet]] and [[soft]]. [[Saliva]] in the [[mouth]] [[prevent]]s [[friction]] between the [[soft]] [[tissue]]s of the [[tongue]] and [[palate]]. We have [[two]] [[type]]s of [[palate]], the [[hard palate]] and the [[soft palate]]. The [[hard palate]] is a [[bony]] dome and the [[soft palate]] is a [[soft]] [[mobile]] structure. The [[tongue]] [[move]]s freely in the [[oral]] [[cavity]] without sticking to the [[palate]], be[[cause]] of the [[liquid]] and [[unctuous]] [[qualities]] of [[bodhaka kapha]]."​
 +[[Fair Use]] Source: [[Textbook of Ayurveda Volume 1]], [[Vasant Lad]], 2001
 +see also [[Subtypes of Kapha]]
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