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Chinese Tripitaka - Taisho 大正 - Taishoo Shinshuu Daizookyoo 大正新修大藏經

Taishoo Shinshuu Daizookyoo 大正新修大藏經 (abbreviated as Taisho or 大正) with 2920 entries.

The wellknown 'little black' catalogue 大藏經總目錄 , published by Xinwenfeng 新文豐出版, Taipei 1983 (repr.), has been used as a major source for the cross-references to other texts. Another important reference work for the Taisho was the 'Fascicule Annexe' of the Hooboogirin 法寶義林 by Paul Demieville, Tokyo 1931.

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Digital Dictionary of Buddhism: Taishō / SA This table is machine-generated, and thus there is a possibility that a few of the [[DDB links may have been missed due to character variants and other inconsistencies.

Blue links go to the DDB; green links are not yet treated by the DDB, but basic colophon information can be found in A Descriptive Catalogue by Lewis Lancaster.

Updated: 2010.9.6

Text Name(s) Taishō Number Online Translation(s)

長阿含經 Taisho T1

七佛經 (佛說七佛經) Taisho T2

毘婆尸佛經 Taisho T3

七佛父母姓字經 Taisho T4

佛般泥洹經 Taisho T5

般泥洹經 Taisho T6

大般涅槃經 修功德記 [[Taisho T2862 王梵志詩集 [[Taisho T2863 進旨 [[Taisho T2864 護身命經 [[Taisho T2865 護身命經 [[Taisho T2866 慈仁問八十種好經 [[Taisho T2867 決罪福經 [[Taisho T2868 妙好寶車經 [[Taisho T2869 像法決疑經 [[Taisho T2870 大通方廣懺悔滅罪莊嚴成佛經 [[Taisho T2871 妙法蓮華經廣量天地品第二十九 [[Taisho T2872 首羅比丘經 [[Taisho T2873 小法滅盡經 [[Taisho T2874 大方廣華嚴十惡品經 [[Taisho T2875 天公經 [[Taisho T2876 如來在金棺囑累淸淨莊嚴敬福經 [[Taisho T2877 救疾經 [[Taisho T2878 普賢菩薩說證明經 [[Taisho T2879 究竟大悲經卷第二・三・四 [[Taisho T2880 善惡因果經 [[Taisho T2881 呪魅經 [[Taisho T2882 法王經 [[Taisho T2883 大威儀請問 [[Taisho T2884 佛性海藏智慧解脫破心相經 [[Taisho T2885 佛爲心王菩薩說投陀經卷上 [[Taisho T2886 父母恩重經 [[Taisho T2887 延壽命經 [[Taisho T2888 續命經 [[Taisho T2889 如來成道經 [[Taisho T2890 山海慧菩薩經 [[Taisho T2891 現報當受經 [[Taisho T2892 大辯邪正經 [[Taisho T2893 三廚經 [[Taisho T2894 惡行捨身經 [[Taisho T2895 示所犯者瑜伽法鏡經 [[Taisho T2896 天地八陽神呪經 [[Taisho T2897 高王觀世音經 [[Taisho T2898 妙法蓮華經馬明菩薩品第三十 [[Taisho T2899 齋法淸淨經 [[Taisho T2900 法句經 [[Taisho T2901 法句經疏 [[Taisho T2902 無量大慈教經 [[Taisho T2903 七千佛神符經 [[Taisho T2904 現在十方千五百佛名竝雜佛同號 [[Taisho T2905 三萬佛同根神祕之印竝法龍種上尊王佛法 [[Taisho T2906 普賢菩薩行願王經 [[Taisho T2907 大方廣佛華嚴經普賢菩薩行願王品 [[Taisho T2908 地藏菩薩經 [[Taisho T2909 金有陀羅尼經 [[Taisho T2910 讚僧功德經 [[Taisho T2911 無常三啓經 [[Taisho T2912 七女觀經 [[Taisho T2913 觀經 [[Taisho T2914 救諸衆生一切苦難經 [[Taisho T2915 勸善經 [[Taisho T2916 新菩薩經 [[Taisho T2917a 新菩薩經 [[Taisho T2917b 釋家觀化還愚經 [[Taisho T2918

佛母經 Taisho T2919

僧伽和尚欲入涅槃說六度經 Taisho T2920

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