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**Main Health Concerns**

• Back pain – upper and lower but mostly lower. Some structural issues in X-ray. Look to tongue below.

• Some depression

• Memory could be better

• Weak liver pulse

**Constitution (Prakruti/ Genetic-Karmic Makeup):** V2 P3 K1

**Current State/ Vikruti:**

**DOB:** 1st June, 1977 **Birth time:**4:12pm (vata) **Birth Place:** San Francisco

**Height:** 5” 9’ **Weight:** 143lb

**Ten year old:** Thin and tall (v/p)

**Blood Type:** A+

**Energy level:** Steady (k)

**Sleep:** Good generally but is disturbed by back pain and late working hours. She has been sleeping later in the day because of her late nights which increases Kapha, therefore she has more Kapha problems arising. “Day sleep related problems”.

**Primary Emotions:** Depression, kapha style

**Secondary emotions:** Anxious, scattered

**Pain:** Back pain is dull, stays put in one area. She doesn’t notice temperature in that area which is more Kapha or not a serious pain. Pain is more predominant when she is inactive (kapha again).

**Memory:** Could be better. Learn fast and forgets (vata).

**Blood Pressure:** Normal.

**Cholesterol:** No. Look at ear lobes for diagonal line for an indicator of heart disease or high cholesterol.

**Bowel movements:** 6 months ago they became looser (2-3 bms/day). She has been taking pitta balancing herbs and they helped which makes it more like 1-2 a day.

**Ama:** Sinking stool, no traces on the toilet bowl.

**Pulse:** Bone structure is pitta. Her pulse is sharp – she also drinks black coffee. Liver pulse is weak and Kidney is a little weak. Pitta-Vata Prakruti. Pulse is strong and intense, it doesn’t disappear under pressure, medial finger position. She smokes pot so this can also weaken kidneys.

**Tongue:** There is a little straight line down the centre which shows a problem but it is not too bad. No image.

**Urination:** Urinates a lot during the day and has lower back pain.


Treatment of spine: Yoga, keeping the spine healthy by not causing a build up of Ama in the diet which lodges in between the joints. Because her back pain is a congestive, kapha style pain she is better to stay active. Use Super Nasya Oil.

Follow Pitta-Vata diet which balances pitta (hot, sharp & intense) and vata (light, dry)

**Custom Herbal Formula**

Note: Never lead with a herb to treat the disease. The leading herb is for V,P, K.

5pts Shatavari //Asparagus Racemosus//: Prakruti leading herb for Pitta

3pts Brahmi //Centella asiatica//: depression, anxiety

2pts Kaishore Guggulu: To treat asthi dhatu (vyadhi in her spine),

2pts Bhringaraj //Eclipta Alba//: Liver

2pts Musta //Cyperus Rotundus//: agni, improving digestion in pitta, for pain

1pt Licorice //Yasthimadhu//: Prevents acid belly

Take ½ tsp 3 times a day and return in 6 weeks for a follow up. If she was more unhealthy then it would be 1 tsp/day. Take with 4-8oz of hot water, with food.

Take Amalaki in the evening: ½ -1 tsp depending on quality of bowel movement. Take ½tsp with loose stool and 1tsp for normal stool.

**Further notes**

Mantra and pulse: //Whilst feeling a pulse have a mantra going through your mind to focus OR send them well wishes//.

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