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**Health Consultation**

Audio recording:

Patient’s Prakruti

prakruti = V3P2K1

 * born August 24, 1966 in New York ([[season]]: pitta moving to vata)
 * red hair and blue eyes
 * thin body (100 pounds, 5 feet 5 inches tall), medium body as child
 * O positive [[blood type]]
 * anxious when out of balance
 * learn fasts and forgets fast, cold hands and feet, dry skin, sensitive to alcohol
 * irritable when miss meal
 * [[menstruation]] started at 13 years old, irregular
 * [[vegetarian]]
 * moved around a lot

Patient’s Health Concerns

 * [[bulimia]] for 15 years (in recovery for one year)
 * [[stomach cramps]], especially after eating; takes [[asafoetida]]
 * slow [[digestive system]], [[bloating]] and [[gas]] after eating
 * [[constipation]]; takes one teaspoon of [[triphala]] twice a day
 * erratic sleep, wakes up at 2:00 am ([[time]] - pitta going into vata)
 * [[low blood pressure]]
 * [[teeth marks around tongue]], [[depression line down tongue]] 
 * almost no menstruation for past six months
 * [[ringing in ears]]
 * poor digestion, [[moon]] only on one thumb and [[white spots on fingernails]]
 * [[anxiety]], [[eye tremors]]

Patient’s Vikruti

vikruti = V3.5


 * [[position when sleeping]]: sleep on left side; not back (sooths vata)
 * follow [[daily routine]] and [[vata-reducing diet]] 
 * get eight hours of sleep (especially during vata time, between 10:00 pm – 2:00 am)
 * do vata-soothing exercises like [[yoga]] or tai chi; do light weights mindfully
 * do [[alternate nostril breathing]], [[chanting]], and [[meditation]]
 * massage [[ashwagandha bala oil]] on body daily to sooth vata and build [[muscle tissue]] 
 * massage warm [[bhringaraj oil]] on soles of feet and crown of head, and then pour pinkie phalange amount in tilted left ear and massage for one minute to calm mind and sleep well on left side

Take five nectars formula to sooth vata, which includes:

 * one teaspoon of [[raw uncooked honey]]
 * one teaspoon of [[ghee]]
 * one teaspoon of [[raw sugar]] 
 * one teaspoon of [[milk]]
 * one teaspoon of plain or vanilla [[yogurt]] (store bought yogurt is sweet, okay for vata)

Take ½ teaspoon of the following herbal formula with warm water or five nectars formula after meals three times a day for four weeks. Take asafoetida (hing) before meal.

 * 5 parts [[ashwagandha]] (sooths vata, calming, helps nervous system)
 * 3 parts [[brahmi]] (gives clarity of mind, improves memory)
 * 3 parts [[chitrak]] (improve digestion, sooths vata, improves cold hands and feet)
 * 3 parts [[yogaraj guggulu]] (sooths vata, helps muscle, joints, and teeth, regulates menstruation)
 * 2 parts [[jatamansi]] (helps anxiety and sleep well)
 * 4 parts [[shatavari]] (helps deal with multitasking and patience)

Take the following customized triphala:

 * 1 part [[bibhitaki]] 
 * 2 parts [[amalaki]]
 * 3 parts [[haritaki]]

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