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**Health Consultation**

Audio recording:

Patient’s Prakruti

prakruti = V2P3K1

 * Born September 28, 1949 in San Francisco
 * 5 feet 6 inches and 167 lbs; skinny at 10 years old
 * Steady, low energy
 * Sleeps well from 11:30 pm – 5:30 am
 * Anxiety and then irritable when out of balance
 * Married, talks slowly
 * Learns slowly
 * 3 bowel movements a day, banana shaped
 * Good appetite, snacks between meals, irritable and dizzy if meal late ([[tikshna agni]])
 * [[pitta]] [[bone structure]]
 * pitta [[pulse]]

Patient’s Health Concerns

 * pitta borderline [[high blood pressure]] (inflammatory) 
 * back pain; back injury before
 * Pain in bladder when have to urinate
 * [[Heartburn]] sometimes
 * Used to drink a lot
 * Started yoga and pilates 3 days a week, did exercise in the past
 * Line down center of tongue
 * Teeth marks around tongue and missing moon on index and middle finger
 * Yellow mucus in the morning and when eat out
 * Gets [[headache]] above eyebrows (pitta headache)

Patient’s Vikruti

vikruti = pitta out of balance; too much fire; slight kapha out of balance


 * Exercise daily to point of sweating
 * Follow [[five pillars of good health]]
 * Follow [[pitta-soothing diet]] when heartburn, loose stool, angry or hot
 * Follow [[kapha-soothing diet]] when want to lose weight, have a cold, moist outside, have mucus, or depressed
 * Don’t eat spicy food and drink alcohol; drink green tea instead of coffee
 * Don’t eat much meat, especially red meat; chicken okay
 * Eat green, leafy, and bitter vegetables; less red and orange
 * Avoid sour fruits; have more bitters
 * Have [[dandelion]] tea/salad and [[passionflower]] tea to help with pain before urination
 * Eat [[|bittermelon]] to strengthen [[liver]] and help  pitta [[high blood pressure]]
 * Don’t do anything else while eating to help increase absorption
 * Follow [[food combining]] rules
 * Drink diluted pomegranate juice
Take 1 teaspoon three times a day of the following customized herbal formula for six weeks. Take with 1 cup of warm or hot water. Take 30 minutes before meal
 * 5 parts [[ashwaganda]] (sooths doshas, male rejuvenative, helps high blood pressure)
 * 4 parts [[punarnava]] (sooths all doshas, helps liver and bladder, decreases blood pressure)
 * 3 parts [[kaishore guggulu]] (sooths all doshas, helps blood pressure, digestion, and back pain)
 * 3 parts [[passionflower]] (decrease pitta high blood pressure)
 * 2 parts [[Gokshura]] (sooths all doshas, helps kidneys, bladder, and liver)
 * 2 parts [[bhringaraj]] (helps liver, helps stay calm and blood pressure, helps memory)
 * 3 parts [[brahmi]] (helps memory and irritability)
 * 2 parts [[shankhapushpi]] (helps memory and anger, sooths all doshas)
 * 3 parts [[musta]] (helps bladder pain and back pain, helps metabolism)
Take 1 teaspoon amalaki at bedtime

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