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**Source Audio File:**

 * **Patient:**  Female
 * **DOB:** 14th September 1965
 * **POB:** Akron, Ohio (V)
 * **TOB:** 9:43 am (K)
 * **Height:** 5' 7"
 * **Weight:** 139 lbs (P)
 * **As 10 yr old:** Medium (P)
 * **Bone Structure:** [[Pitta]] primary towards [[Vata]], bones are not skinny but medium ([[Mesomorph]]).
 * **Sleep:**  Chronic insomnia (V), takes medication to help her sleep.  Fearful insomnia (V) and planning insomnia (P).  Bothered by noise (V).  
 * **Emotions:**  Anxious (V), Irritable (P).  Irregular mood (V), angry thoughts recently (P).
 * **Energy:**  Variable energy (V)
 * **Memory:**  Learn fast and forget (V)
 * **[[Cholesterol]]:** No diagonal crease on earlobes, thus no cholesterol.
 * **[[Bowel Movement]]:**  1 if "she is lucky" and is often constipated (V). 
 * **[[Agni]]:** Acid belly related to stress (P), gas and bloating (V). 
 * **Mucus:**  No morning mucus.  Used to have yellow mucus before (P) due to lung infection.
 * **[[Ama]] (tongue exam):** Good healthy tongue, subtle tremors at the back of the tongue ([[Vata]] in the colon).  Line in the center of the tongue (tension along the spine which may be emotional).  No teeth marks indicating malabsorption.
 * **Pulse:** [[Kapha]] in the pulse, in the proximal part of the fingers, it does not make sense to other factors (the patient appears to be mainly [[Vata]] and [[Pitta]], however because she is on [[Benedryl]] her pulse is slow like a Kapha pulse).  Pulse shows Kapha in the lungs (patient was a smoker) and Vata in the heart (the patient said she has irregular heartbeat). 
 * **Nails:**  good moons, bit receded indicating metabolism a bit sluggish. 
 * **Wrinkle line:** No wrinkles indicating digestive problems.
 * **Eyes:** No tremors.
 * **Headaches:**  on the right side and behind the eyeball ([[retrobulbar headaches]]) (indicates [[Pitta]] in the liver).
 * **Menstruation:**  12/13 yrs old (V), irregular always (V).
 * **Health Concern:** Migraines and headaches, slow digestion, constipation.  Wants to regulate her hormones and menstruation.
 * **Others:**  Yellowish teeth (P), prematurely grey (V/P), Pitta color of the eyes, Pitta hair, Pitta face shape, hands shaking subtly (V).  Creative career in the Publishing industry (V).   Constitution is V3P2K1_V3.5 (Vata aggravated).\\ \\



 * The pulse showed [[Kapha]] in the lungs.  The doctor asked the patient if she is a smoker, she said that she was but no longer is.  She also said that she was diagnosed with [[Candida Fungal Infection]] in the lungs which improved lately because of dietary changes.  She used to have yellow mucus (P) when she had the lung infection.
 * The doctor asked the patient if she was prematurely born because of her chronic [[Vata]] aggravation.  Usually, prematurely born people have chronically aggravated [[Vata]].
 * Intake of medication can alter the pulse and result in inaccurate pulse diagnoses.
 * The patient was advised to follow a [[Vata]]-[[Pitta]] diet.  She was also advised to avoid both [[coffee]] and [[black tea]].  While coffee's results are fast and instant, black tea has a long sustained action resulting in alertness and insomnia.
 * The patient must stay away from cold water because cold contracts while heat expands.  Cold water will contract her colon aggravating her [[constipation]].  Chronic and prolonged constipation can cause [[osteoporosis]], [[osteoarthritis]], [[arthritis]] and [[colon cancer]] due to the accumulation of [[ama]] in the body.
 * The patient said that she goes to bed at around 11:00 pm.  She wakes up at around 5:40 am, goes to sleep, and then finds it hard to get up.  The doctor explained to her that the period between 10:00 and 2:00 is the [[Pitta time]], and during these hours, especially at around 12:00 am or pm, people usually experience a sudden increase of energy because of the fiery alert qualities of Pitta.  Thus, the doctor advised the patient to go to sleep between 9:00 and 10:00 which is [[Kapha time]] which will help the patient go to sleep because of its heavy and [[tamas]]ic quality, and before the start of Pitta time when the liver fire rises up.  Also it is necessary to sleep during Pitta time because it is liver rejuvenation time.  
 * The patient wakes up at 5:40 am, which is [[Vata time]], and just before Kapha time.  She goes to sleep and finds it hard to wake up because she sleeps during the heavy and tamasic morning hours of Kapha.  People wake up with more energy before Kapha hours, and during Kapha hours they wake up with greater difficulty.
 * The patient takes [[Milk Thistle]] and [[multivitamin]] pills asked if it was OK to take multivitamins.  The doctor said it was OK as long as she avoids those with high dosages of vitamins C and B which are hard on the liver and aggravate Pitta.  [[Omega 3]], fatty acids and magnesium are OK.\\ \\ 


 * 15 pts [[Shatavari]] ([[Asparagus racemosus]]), V-P-K=, main herb because the patient is a Pitta person, will regulate the menstruation, will treat the migraines and anger indirectly because it will balance out the aggravated Pitta and consequently the migraines and anger will be mitigated.
 * 12 pts [[Jatamamsi]] ([[Nardostachys jatamamsi]]), V-P-K-, for the [[vikruti]] aggravation, will help with her sleep and the liver secondarily.
 * 9 pts [[Brahmi]] ([[Centella asiatica]]), [[Manas Pratyanika]], herb for the mind, good for the [[Vata]] memory, inflammations in the body, is detoxifying, good for the liver, will help with her anxiety and fear, good for sleep and balancing the emotions, will make her mind clear and calm.
 * 9 pts [[Guduchi]] ([[Tinospora cordifolia]]), V-P-K-, [[Vyadhi Pratyanika]], herb for the disease, good for Pitt in the liver, nervous system, Pitta [[retrobulbar]] headaches especially if combines with [[Sandalwood]].  Good for the energy.
 * 8 pts [[Vidari]] ([[Ipomoea digitata]]), V-P-K=, [[Lakshana Pratyanika]], herb specific to organs and symptoms, to balance the hormones for women and regulate the menstruation with some antacid effect.  Good for the energy.
 * 1 pt of [[Kama Dudha]] (consists of red coral, conch shell, guduchi, Calcium), [[Agni Pratyanika]], V-P-, antacid, good for the migraines.\\ \\
//Take 1 tsp 3 x day with 1 tbsp aloe vera gel (anupan) before each meal ideally with room temperature water (the patient has no ama and no allergies.//


Make custom Triphala of 3 pts Haritaki (Terminalia chebula, 2 pts Amalaki (Emblica officinalis), 1 pt Bibhitaki (Terminalia belerica). Take 1 tsp before bedtime on an empty stomach. If it does not work add 1/2 tsp in the morning on an empty stomach.

Triphala is a gentle purgative and treats all seven dhatus. It is especially good for the patient who has Vishama agni, Vata in the colon and irregular Vata menstruation.


Mix with equal part of sesame oil and apply onto the body 10 minutes before taking a shower in the morning. Focus on the pelvic region which is a Vata site. Massage clockwise starting with the ascending colon then transverse colon then descending colon. If it is massaged counterclockwise it will cause constipation because you will be moving stool in the opposite direction.


Perform a daily oil massage with Bhringaraj oil (Eclipta alba) at bedtime. Warm the oil and then apply onto the crown of the head, the soles of the feet, around the ears, and pour gently into the ear canal. This will help the insomnia.

Bhringaraj is a rasayana and a liver cleansing herb.

Sleep on the right hand side to soothe Pitta migraines, or on the left hand side to soothe Vata Vishama agni , Vata insomnia, and Vata irregular menstruation.


Sandalwood oil is to be applied on the chakras and wrists.

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