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Health Consultation

The following Ayurvedic Chinese Medicine health consultation is with a 71-year old woman who has Thoracic Outlet Syndrome, high cholesterol, depression, psoriasis and type II diabetes.

To listen to the audio file of this health consultation, go to:

Patient’s Prakruti

Prakruti = V1P2K3

 * Born July 24, 1945 at 2:00 pm ([[pitta]] [[month]] and [[time]])
 * 5 feet 3 inches tall, 210 pounds ([[kapha]] [[body type]])
 * Slender at 10 years old (pitta)
 * [[Menstruation]] started at 17 (kapha) and irregular [[vata]]
 * Two regular [[bowel movements]] a day (kapha)
 * [[Bone structure]] like kapha
 * [[Depression]] and then [[anxious]] when [[imbalanced]] (kapha, pitta)
 * Learns quickly, but general remembers and mind moves quickly (pitta)

Patient’s Health Concerns

 * [[Pain]] everywhere due to [[|Thoracic Outlet Syndrome]] (vata and pitta imbalance)
 * [[Type II diabetes]] (kapha imbalance)
 * Overweight (kapha imbalance)
 * [[High cholesterol]] (kapha imbalance)
 * [[Teeth marks]] around [[tongue]] ([[malabsorption]])
 * Grinds teeth and various teeth problems (vata imbalance)
 * [[Psoriasis]] (vata imbalance)
 * No moons, except little moon on [[thumbs]] (slow [[metabolism]])
 * Kapha [[pulses]] that change to pitta pulses at time (kapha and vata imbalance)
 * [[Spleen]] pulse is weak (kapha imbalance) 
 * [[Depression]] (kapha imbalance)
 * Diagonal line on each [[earlobe]] ([[high cholesterol]], kapha imbalance)
 * [[Migraines]] since 18 (pitta)
 * Low [[energy]] (kapha imbalance)
 * Wakes easily from [[sleep]] (vata imbalance)
 * [[High blood pressure]] (kapha imbalance)

Patient’s Vikruti

vikruti = kapha imbalance, vata imbalance


Take one teaspoon of the following customized herbal formula with one cup of warm water and if needed, raw uncooked honey 30 minutes before meals. Take three times a day for four weeks.

 * 5 parts [[Punarnava]] (reduces kapha)
 * 4 parts [[Kaishore Guggulu]] (reduces pain in body, helps diabetes and skin)
 * 3 parts [[Bacopa]] (helps depression, diabetes)
 * 2 parts [[Saraswati Churna]] (improves energy and depression, reduces vata and kapha imbalance)
 * 2 parts [[Chandraprabha]] (helps diabetes, reduces kapha imbalance)

Other recommendations include:

 * Drink water that has been sitting in a [[copper cup]] overnight (improves diabetes)
 * [[Massage]] mixture of [[Neem Oil]] and [[sunflower oil]] on skin (improves psoriasis, helps diabetes)
 * Swish Neem oil and [[sesame oil]] in mouth, around teeth and massage on [[gums]] (prevents teeth related problems)
 * Cook with [[turmeric]] (improve diabetes)
 * Drink warm water in the morning and then hour later chew sesame seeds (strengthens teeth)

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