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Main concerns:

Bloating Vata

Low energy (without regular yoga practice)

Cold extremities

Born 5-23-1977 Pitta time, in Tehran Pitta/ Vata place (hot and dry), 5 feet 2 inches tall 107 pounds is Vata proportion, medium build at 10 Pitta, blood type is B+ (Kapha 80% of the time, energy is: variable Vata, intense when high Pitta, and moving Vata(when regularly engaging in yoga energy is good), too much sleep hard to wake up Vata, easy to go to sleep Kapha, mentally: scattered Vata, or focused Pitta when there is a perceived sense of purpose, emotionally: primary anxious Vata secondary sad/pointless Vata with a former tendency toward anger and irritability Pitta, exhibits compassion Kapha and detachment Vata, memory is good (learn fast and remember) when the subject holds personal interest, low blood pressure , no dizziness, has experienced personal trauma as a result of environment and formerly self destructive behavior (heavy drinking), 1 bowel movement per day well formed (Kapha) but will experience occasional constipation when not adhering to regular yoga practice, experiences coldness in extremities (hands and feet), lacking moons on index and middle fingers showing Vata malabsorption, tongue has mild scallops showing mild Vata malabsorption, image issues in youth resulted in fasting disturbing Vata drinks about 8 cups of water daily, menstrual cycle is regular Pitta/Kapha, bones are Vata/Kapha,pulse shows slightly weak kidney


Follow Vata pacifying diet

Eat at regular times and do not multitask while eating (when eating, just eat)

Drink 3 cups of warm water upon waking to flush toxins and stimulate Agni

Follow 7 point meditation as follows:

1. Apply Ashwagandha or other Vata soothing oil to body

2. Take a warm bath (for the same amount of time you would shower)

3a. Apply essential oil of preference to chakras (calming)

3b. Light a 25 minute long incense offer in a rice bowl to a higher power and do 5 minutes of yoga or other stretching exercise

4. 5 minutes of alternate nostril breathing (nadi sodhana pranayama) with nasya oil

5. 5 minutes of chanting seed syllables to calm and focus the mind: shi dan dwo bwo da la

6. 5 minutes of observing the breath directly at one nostril (whichever one predominates)

7. 5 minutes contemplation on 1 attribute of imbalance following day to contemplate remedy

Final note: studying acupressure while studying Ayurveda is perfectly okay May mix herbs on next consultation.

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