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File name: CLN301_V1P2K3_Acne_10022003.wma

Main Health Concern

acne that are along center, back and sides (Vata) sharp (Pitta)



memory (vata)

Stress and loss (Vata)

Newly developed mouth sores – pitta causes mouth sores and acne


Constitution (Prakruti / Genetic-Karmic Makeup) is: V1P2K3

Current State (Vikruti): K3

Birth Date-Time-Place: April 14, 1970 7:03pm Miami (DOB: pitta place and time Kapha)

Height: 5’0 Weight: 110Ibs (Vata Ectomorph)

Ethnicity: Indian

Energy level overall: fair

Sleep: improved after implementing limited food intake 3hrs before bed. (Kapha)

Primary emotions: used to experience depression (Kapha) and currently feelings of anger have emerged (Pitta). **patient lives in San Jose California/ more warm climate which may provoke Pitta/heated/anger

Memory: expressed slight concern

BM: – recently 2xs 3days / week sometimes loose (Pitta)

AgniVatavishama (irregular digestion) Pitta – tikshna (sharp digestion) Kapha – manda (slow digestion) digestion – appetite: used to feel hunger after every 2hours (Vata) and now her hunger has subsided and average (Pitta).

Amatoxins: Tongue examination – no coating, not red – pink, normal

Pulse: Vata in the lungs. Overall breathing has improved. Possible improvement related to patient’s increased deep breathing practices

Cracky joints: – none. No joint pain at all

Menstruation: normal

Urination: somewhat normal. Sometimes will wake @ 5a. Normally rises @ 6:30a

Custom Herbal Formula Prescribed:

1stp amalaki 1hr prior bed 3xs/day…Will not promote loose stool. Helps overall skin and mouth ulcers

15 part Chatvary – soothes vata and pitta especially in skin and helps mouth ulcers. Also, increases energy.

12 part punarnava (decrease kapha a lot and great rejuvenative. Helps depression, liver, increase lung capacity and skin aid. Vata and pitta decreasing.

10part Manjistha – red herb. Blood purifier that’s good for skin and great for blood itself

8 part Guduchi –herb for the mind, calms anger, helps liver and acne good for v.p.k particularly pitta

5 part Shardunika

5 part Chitrak – good for digestion and skin. Increases pitta and decreases vata and kapha. Blood purifier and helps white discharge. Will not disturb skin. To be taken 3xs day with 3tsp aloe vera gel(gel has slower sustained action as opposed to aloe juice which is faster acting) and 4 to 8oz warm temp water. Obtain a 4week supply (ingest after eating)

Other recommendation:

Gargle each morning with Neem oil. Relayed that she has been gargling with sesame oil for an upwards of 20mins each morning and was advised to switch to neem oil instead because it is cooling factor. Sesame oil has a warming component and may cause interfere with her acne condition.

Lucaria douche and try triphala tea. Tea may be applied using a tampon. Helps with yeast infections as well as Lucaria. Use tea 3xs/week.

1 part shardunika (Sugar destroyer) 8part guduchi (tridoshic herb aids with anger, liver, acne, memory. Calming when combined with shatavari 1part liquorish. Make tea from boiling ingredients for a few minutes and straining. If wanted to use application method, simply soak tampon directly in tea concoction.

Lucaria – 5 part little shardunika for Lucaria


Patient currently drinks Black tea with ginger and milk – advised to switch to green tea (moderate consumption). Informed that green tea is better for the skin and less provoking.

Patient currently uses Neutrogena gentle face wash and was advised to try Pitta dusting powder instead. The formula contains neem manjishtha, basin (chickpea flour), red and white sandalwood, and rose pedals.

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