**Source Audio File:**

 * **Patient:**  9 year old boy
 * **DOB:**  7th Oct 1998 (V)
 * **POB:**  San Francisco (V)
 * **TOB:**  10:15 pm (P)
 * **Height:**  48"
 * **Weight:**  100 lbs (K)
 * **Blood Type:**  O + (P, K)
 * **Sleep:**  Good (K) yet hard to get up in the morning (K out of balance)
 * **Emotions:**  Lousy, drowsy, couch-potato (K)
 * **Bowel Movement:**  1-2 sometimes loose, usually well-shaped (P,K).  
 * **Agni:**  Manda Agni, no nail moons (K).
 * **Mucus:**  Yellow/Green (P)
 * **Nails:**  Moons lacking in index and middle fingers, yet there are moons on thumb (Agni slightly out of balance).  White spots on nails (Ca/Zn deficiency) 
 * **Ama (tongue exam):**  Little white coating (K).  Check photograph of the tonge from [[]]
 * **Pain:**  Congestive (between 6-10 am)
 * **Others:**  Previously had asthma (K).  [[Cloudy urine]] (K).  Laughs a lot (K).  Bone structure (K)  Eye problem related to the nervous system.\\ \\


 * Moons lacking in index and middle fingers while present on thumbs indicates that the digestion is a little off.  There are many white spots on the nails which is indicative of Ca/Zn deficiency (the patient should take Ca and Zn supplements)
 * **Diet:**  The patient should follow [[Kapha]] soothing diet especially in winter and autumn.  In very hot summer the patient may follow [[Pitta]] soothing diet.
     * __Milk alternative:__  the patient is allergic to milk, thus may replace it with rice milk (Rice Dream).  Soy milk is hard to digest for Kaphas and almond milk is very rich, therefore these two should be avoided.
 * The patient should meditate to help with the Asthma\\ \\


 - Steep 1 tsp of [[Triphala]] with 1 tsp honey in a cup of hot water for an overnight in a covered cup and then drink in early morning.  This is good for the GI tract and [[ama]] and soothes VPK.
 - Drink [[Talisadi]] Chai in the morning with little black pepper and black tea (to help wake up the patient).  Also helps with the asthma.
 - Take 1 tablet/day of [[Kysoor Guggulu]] for the neurological eye problem.  This also prevents and cures [[diabetes]] and is good for weight control.
 - Alternate between:
     * Lung Formula (in mornings when the asthma is worse)
     * Sweet Ease (regulates the sugar blood levels)
     * [[Trikatu]] (anti-obesity and for the lungs)\\ \\
//Do not take the above tablets all at once. It is recommended to give children tablets rather than herbs because they do not usually tolerate the taste of herbs. The above may be obtained from:

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