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Health Consultation

The following Ayurvedic Chinese Medicine health consultation is with a 53-year old European man who had a stroke, has no vision in his left eye, and is currently experiencing constant pain in his left foot.

To listen to the audio file of this health consultation, go to:

Patient’s Prakruti

Prakruti = V1P2K3

 * Born April 30, 1949 in Zurich, Switzerland ([[kapha]] [[month]])
 * Born at 12:30 pm ([[pitta]] [[time]])
 * 5 feet 11 inches tall, 180 pounds (pitta [[body type]])
 * Thin at 10 years old 
 * [[Anxious]] and then [[irritable]] when [[imbalanced]] ([[vata]], pitta)
 * Slow [[speech]] (kapha)
 * One regular [[bowel movement]] a day (kapha)
 * Doesn’t notice warm or cold hands and feet (kapha)
 * Learns slowly (kapha)
 * [[Bone structure]] like kapha
 * Full hair and bushy eyebrow
 * Good energy, [[blood pressure]], eating habits, [[exercise]] routine, and [[sleep]]

Patient’s Health Concerns

 * Constant pain in left foot (pitta imbalance)
 * Recent [[stroke]] (kapha imbalance)
 * Slight [[depression]] (kapha imbalance)
 * Diagonal groove on left [[earlobe]] (kapha imbalance) ([[heart disease]], [[stroke]], [[diabetes]])
 * Slight [[dimple]] on [[chin]] when smiles (kapha imbalance) ([[depression]]) 
 * Vertical line at left brow (kapha imbalance) ([[spleen]], [[metabolism]])
 * Slow [[pulse]] (kapha)
 * Little [[moon]] on index fingers and one thumb (kapha imbalance) (sluggish [[metabolism]])

Patient’s Vikruti

vikruti = kapha slightly increased in heart and metabolism; pitta slightly elevated in foot


** Herbal Formulas**

Take one teaspoon of the following customized herbal formula three times a day for four weeks. Take with ½ to 1 cup of warm or hot water and raw uncooked honey 30 minutes before meals.

 * 3 parts [[Brahmi]] (improves [[memory]], [[depression]])
 * 1 parts [[Chitrak]] (improves [[agni]])
 * 4 parts [[Musta]] (reduces [[pain]])
 * 5 parts [[Guduchi]] (strengthens [[eyes]] and [[heart]])
 * 4 parts [[Punarnava]] (regulates [[blood pressure]], keeps [[heart]] and [[liver]] healthy)
 * 2 parts [[Gokshura]] [[Guggulu]] (Gokshura - strengthens [[kidneys]], [[spleen]], [[prostrate]]) (Guggulu - cleans [[arteries]], reduces [[cholesterol]])
 * 1.5 parts [[Shilajit]] (reduces kapha)

Take 1/2 teaspoon of triphala in hot water on an empty stomach one hour before bed (reduces kapha).

Apply warm Mahanarayan Oil on sole of feet at bedtime and after shower (reduces pain).

**Dietary Changes**

 * read article on qualities of kapha (reduces[ kapha)
 * Stay on kapha-soothing [[diet]] (reduces kapha)
 * Don’t drink [[cold water]] (reduces kapha)
 * Don’t gain [[weight]] (reduces kapha)
 * Drink 4 to 6 [[cup]] of [[water]] a day (reduces kapha)
 * If eat cheese, have it with [[wine]] (reduce kapha in [[liver]])

**Other Recommendations**

 * Sleep less during the winter (reduces kapha)
 * Read articles on [[ama]] and [[triphala]]

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