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**Main Health Concerns**

Hypothyroid, Underactive Thyroid

• Decreased memory

• Mild asthma from exercise

• History of benign tumours on neck (kapha)

• Urinates in the night, some swelling in prostrate

**Constitution (Prakruti/ Genetic-Karmic Makeup):** V1P2K3.5

**Current State/ Vikruti:** K3.5

**DOB:** 19th June, 1952 **Birth Place:** Washington, DC

**Height:** 6’5” **Weight:**225lb

**Ten year old:** Chubby

**Blood Type**: O+

**Energy level:**

**Sleep:** Easy to sleep, wake up and easy to get up. Sleeps great after exercise.

**Primary Emotions:** Anxiety

**Secondary emotions:** Irritable

**Memory:** Learns fast and forgets at this age but previously he would learn fast and remembers.

**Blood Pressure:** Slightly high, reddish face (more pitta type)

**Cholesterol:** Ear lobes shows diagonal crease refers to tendency of kapha in the heart, the line of heart disease (kapha = fat, mucous and calcium). He has been tested for cholesterol and it is low.

**Agni:**Stable, eats at regular hours.

**Fingernails/moons:** Moons on thumb, index etc. slightly receeded

**Regular eating:** yes

**Bowel movements:** 2 per day, well formed

**Pulse:** More pitta bone structure, sluggish metabolism pulse,

**Current diet:** Drinks Coke, soft drinks and iced tea. Always with ice. Has a sweet tooth, ingests a “tonne of” fake sugars.

**Tongue:** Squared off tongueshows underactive thyroid, more kapha. Teeth marks on tongue show poor digestion/ malabsorption, spleen qidefiency which is due to kapha and vata.

**Temperature:** Doesn’t really notice.

**Urination:** At night times.


Follow Kapha balancing diet, but it is more important to contemplate the qualities of kapha so his knowledge is inherent.

Eat mindfully – anyone with sluggish metabolism needs to eat quietly, traditionally and mindfully i.e. not multitasking, reading.

Avoid cold…. “Ice is not nice”. Avoid cold and sweet and together.

Drink a limited amount of liquid with meals so not put out the digestive fire.

Include spices in all meals i.e. ginger tea.

Avoid dairy, except sometimes he can have goats milk or cheese (warmed and spiced). Avoid salt.

Bikram Yoga is good for him, as is sun salutations.

**Custom Herbal Formula**

1pt Jyotishmati – mental herb to get out of the fog which also helps digestions. Not for anger.

5pts Punarnava //Boerhaavia Diffusa// – Rejuvenates kidneys, spleen, prostrate, kapha prakruti

3pts Chandraprabha – contains Shilajit, this is to balance Kapha, also for night time urination

3Kanchanar Guggulu – prevents swelling in the body i.e. lymph nodes or tumours, broad spectrum anti-biotic that prevents infections

3pts Arjuna //Terminalia Arjuna// – strengthen heart,

3pts Chitrak – digestion

4pts Brahmi //Centella Asiatica// – memory, emotions

Take 1 tsp of honey with 1tsp of herbs with 4-8oz of hot water. It is ideal to steap the herbs in hot water. Take before food.

Take Triphala as well.

½ tsp of Chyavanprash is OK every //other// day because he is over 50.

**Further notes**

Flavours/ tastes have an immediate affect on the metabolism.

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