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 +**Filename:​** ​
 +  * CLN301_V1P2K3_P2.5_K3.5_Underactive-Thyroid-Migraines_02132007.mp3
 +  * Thumbnail of CLN301_V1P2K3_P2.5_K3.5_Underactive-Thyroid-Migraines_02132007.jpg
 +**Main Health Concerns:​** ​
 +  * Migraines ​
 +  * Fatigue - Vata
 +  * Lack of Concentration
 +**Constitution (Prakruti/​Genetic-Karmic Makeup) is:** V1P2K3 Vata fine, Pitta a little elevated, Kapha high. 
 +**Current State (Vikruti):​** K3
 +**Birth Date-Time-Place:​** ​
 +  * Date: 12/​10/​1973 ​
 +  * Time: Evening 4 or 5pm Vata time of day
 +  * Place: San Francisco Kapha time of year in Kapha location in 
 +**Height /Weight ratio:​** ​ 5’2” 145lb  Kapha
 +**BP:** Normal
 +Cholesterol:​** Normal
 +  * Father quadruple bypass, he was more angry/​irritable and had HB. Had red face with veins sticking out. Pitta Style. ​
 +**Bone Structure:​** Kapha
 +As a Child of 10 years old:** Skinny Vata
 +**Blood Type:** Unknown
 +**Ethnicity:​** Indian
 +**Religion:​** Not Stated
 +**Profession:​** Executive assistant
 +**Energy Level Overall:** Poor Medium end, is decreasing Vata 
 +2 Years Ago Energy level was poor. 
 +Was good prior to 2 years ago and July – Nov since Pancha Karma, Did 3 week PK. Oleation, Massage, Herbal Tablets (blood purifying wine, Chandra Prava, (improve thyroid function & Metabolic function), Ashwagandha for fatigue, Punarnava Dashamula, Shatavari for menstruation problems, licorice, Agasta ​ For trouble breathing with fatigue, do have irregular heartbeat can feel, but feels more anxiety related, anxiety w/ unknown cause is subtle Vata, Musta, Nirgundi, ) & Enema (Oil & Herbal)
 +**Sleep:** Lately disruptive, wake up not refreshed. ​ Woke up at 6, usually go to sleep between 10 and 12pm.  Will wake up at 4 or 5am. 
 +**Primary Emotions:** Irritability
 +**Secondary Emotions:** Apathetic, seems like a big burden to do anything easier to be a couch potato. ​ Feeling Stuck or heavy. ​
 +Memory:** So far is fine, Learn fast remember (Pitta in mind and emotions predominately)
 +**More Cold or Hot:** Lately Cold and bothered by it. Prefer warm. Circulation is cold, Vata. 
 +**Bowel Movement:** 1 BM Per Day in morning
 +**Stool sinks, leaves traces (toxins) or Floats (healthy)?​** ​
 +  * Well Formed and shaped like a banana
 +  * Sinking (should float in kapha person)
 +  * Do not need to flush toilet twice, no traces
 +**Agni (Digestion):​** No gas, bloating or burping. ​ Need to improve. ​
 +Ama (Toxins) from Tongue Exam:​** ​
 +  * White coating, kapha color
 +  * Small amount/​minimal teeth marks, kapha malabsorption
 +  * Ama Level 1
 +  * Fairly healthy tongue
 +  * Pointed tongue, Pitta in constitution,​ could turn rectangular/​square at some point, would show definite under active thyroid, bad sign. 
 +**Pulse:​** ​ Weak Kidney energy, Liver (fat metabolism) a little bit weak Shows Kapha disturbances
 +**Pain:** Pain all limbs - Vata
 +**Headaches:​** Migraines – located temple 2 years ago, recently nose bridge & temples (Pitta/​liver headaches)
 +**Nails:​** ​
 +  * **Moons:** All three are lacking. Barely see a moon on thumb, premonitory signs of under active thyroid if not eat kapha dispelling diet, lack moons shows sluggish metabolism, if not exercise. (index, middle and thumb should have moons)
 +  * **White Spots:** Small white spots for calcium/​zinc deficiency ​
 +  * **Striations:​** Not a lot of vertical striations
 +**Onset of Menstruation:​** 14 Kapha
 +**Menstrual Difficulties:​** Not painful, some back pain and is regular
 +**Discharges:​** None 
 +**Number of children:** 1 
 +**Swelling:​** Some swelling of lymphatic in winter time. 
 +**Custom Herbal Formula Prescribed:​** Dispel Kapha
 +  * Main Herb: Punarnava: (Boerhaavia Diffusa, eternally renewed in Sanskrit) soothes all, but especially Kapha
 +  * 3 parts Chitrak: main agni (metabolic fire) herb, soothes Vata, Kapha but increases Pitta, Best for digestion
 +  * 2 parts Brahmi Centella Asiatica: for depression feeling apathetic and irritability ​
 +  * 1 part  Vacha Acorus Calamus: soothes Vata, Kapha, and increases Pitta for anger and irritability digestion and mind for depression, mental focus 
 +  * 4 parts Punarnavadi Guggulu: soothes pita Kapha Vata especially Kapha
 +  * 2 parts Musta Cyprus rotundus: for pain
 +  * 1 part Sudarshan Maha: (Great happy to look at) Bitter herb formula help lung, disturbs Vata soothes Pitta and Kapha helps with mucus and itchiness
 +  * 2 parts Pippali digestion and lungs
 +  * 2 parts Terminalia arjuna: help with irregular heartbeat, astringent, dry up Kapha
 +  * 1 part of Gokshuradi Guggulu: for Kidney. Soothes pita Vata Kapha, but especially kapha
 +  * Triphala mixed with Bibhitaki which is very good for Kapha
 +Take 1 teaspoon 3 times a day w/ raw uncooked honey in 1 cup of hot water after each meal 
 +If willing, take 1 teaspoon of Triphala and boil in 8 or 12 ounces of water and reduce by half. Once it has been boiled and reduced by half and cooled down to drinkable level, stir in a teaspoon of honey. By boiling Triphala makes it more available to Kapha and makes it more Kapha dispelling.
 +Continue the Chandraprabha:​ 1 tablet after each meal, taking it after the meal will have it work on the upper part of the body
 +Replace the jam with Triphala: 1 tsp at bedtime with honey if prefer
 +Stop Ashwagandha. ​
 +Herbal Tablets/​Wines/​Jams Prescribed:​** Kanchanar Gugulu
 +Herbal Oils (Massage, Nasya):** None
 +**Other Recommendations:​**
 +  * Continue Chandra Prava do not buy just any brand Bhaidyanath brand because most well represented and has been around for 120 years so they are reliable and reputable. Many others are scammy and have metal poisoning, improperly prepared. ​
 +  * Massage Oils go on first, then shower. Do this once a week or bi-weekly as currently doing.  ​
 +  * Do not take herbs from more than one system at the same time or a simple multi-vitamin with 200% USRDA with meal is ok.  Herbs in food is also ok, like ginger. ​ Chinese formula & Ayurvedic formula is too much for digestive system to handle. ​
 +  * Ayurvedic formulas should now be taken after meals, Chinese formulas 30 minutes before
 +  * Try to stick to the 6am plan, sleep past sunrise for Kapha will create slow sluggish metabolism, wake up early. Kapha people to wake up at 4:30 in morning. Slowly move alarm clock 5 minutes early until waking up early. ​
 +  * Go to bed at 12am and get up at 6am kapha live the longest healthiest life by waking up early and exercising. Strong bones. ​
 +  * Can do jogging, jumping trampolene exercise to help increase metabolism. ​
 +  * More develop in meditative practice of any kind, going to Golden Gate Park or Ocean on non-foggy day, better to live or be in sunny areas. Go to nature on Sunny day to get out of depression. ​
 +  * Minimal amounts of dairy, yogurt is the worst
 +  * Do Yoga, Aikido, Ballet, or Tai Chi meditative exercises anything that is graceful. ​
 +  * Humans need to exercise 7 days a week to the point of sweating. Exercise creates heat, heat improves digestion. Herbs are 5% of cure. 
 +  * Don’t do dairy products as much as possible because Kapha disturbed. Frozen yogurt is worst of all cut it out. Only for Vatas. ​
 +  * For a period switch from being vegetarian to being vegan. For Nov, Dec, Jan, Feb, Mar, & Apr as much as possible during these months. May Jun July Aug Sep Oct have a little bit of dairy such as warm spiced Milk. Avoid bovine growth hormone. ​
 +  * Exclusively eat warm food until digestion is better since Kapha disturbed Pitta, allow fires to build back up.
 +  * If have cheese in May-Oct have goat or sheep milk cheese or cheeses that are not so salty. ​
 +  * Paneer fresh made that day in moderation during non-winter months.
 +  * Buy any vegetable you can see some bitterness eat it, need some bitterness in diet. Bitter melon or any sort of leafy grains.
 +  * Good strong cup of green tea you can get bitter from. Black tea is fine as long as not add cream and sugar. With honey is ok too, plain is better. ​
 +  * Oats are fine if eaten raw or toasted with honey and some cinnamon and cardamom. Any spices you like. 
 +  * If able, skipping breakfast is ok for Kapha. ​
 +  * Home PK after six-week follow-up. ​
 +  * Consider ordering the Ayurvedic cooking for Westerners cookbook
 +  * Itchy skin all over, not red
 +  * See an acupuncturist:​ Gave her perfect colon formula before meals
 +  * Drink Lemon & Honey with warm water
 +  * Eating breakfast after water & Ayurvedic formulas
 +  * Pancreas and spleen need to be strengthened. ​
 +  * Heated Yoga is great for Kapha, better to do 1/2 hour everyday then 2 hours or so every week. 
 +  * Loose stool is sign of taking too much herbs in case of Kapha, reduce to 1/2 tsp of Triphala if this happens. ​
 +  * Follow-up approximately March 28th
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