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Main Health Concern

Endocrine imbalance (Kapha) not using western terms, just speak symptoms

•Acne (Pitta) red skin tone menstruation/ (Kapha) whiteheads /lucoria white discharge vagina oily quality

edema (Kapha)

•seasonal post nasal drip (Kapha)

Constitution (Prakruti / Genetic-Karmic Makeup) is:V1P2.5K3.5 Pitta Kapha

Current State (Vikruti): V3.5

Birth Date - Time - Place: 3.22.73 12:17pm Richmond, Va (Summer of Day/Pitta time Kapha late winter/early spring)

Age: 34

Height: 5’11” Weight: 180lbs (Kapha-endomorph)

As a Child of 10 years old: average (Pitta- Mesomorph)

Profession: studied Chinese medicine for 1yr. Interested in studying Ayurveda. Western medicine in family.

Tongue: healthy Kapha. Round, slight teeth marks (malabsorption)

Pulse: Kapha Pitta

Energy Level Overall: fairly low (Kapha)

Sleep: loves to sleep, goes to sleep late at night/ 1a2a, hard to get out of bed in a.m. (Kapha) inertia get up by 4:30a

Primary Emotions: irritable (Pitta)

Memory: Learn fast, forget some, remember more (Pitta)

Blood type: O r h negative (Pitta primary)

Menstrual Difficulties: very irregular menstruation

Main Recommendations:

Constitution is Pitta Kapha. Kapha needs to be soothed mainly from waking early and exercising daily.


  • Wake up early around 4:30a best thing to do for her health is wake by 6:30a latest to assist in balancing Kapha. Should sleep

4 – 6hours.

•Follow Kapha/Pitta soothing diet. No salty, sweet, dairy and meat.

•5 pillars of good health are sleep, food, exercise, meditation and sexual activity. Be sure to keep all in proper balance.


•Furrows brows vertically (Pitta)

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