**Main Health Concerns**


• Sugar cravings, especially at night

Diarrhoea, gurgling, sharp pain in stomach and nausea in colon region. NB. Pain above the belly button relates to Pitta, pain below relates to Vata

• Sinus issues – green, gluey mucous (P & K)

• Has chronic bronchitis in history

Constitution (Prakruti/ Genetic-Karmic Makeup) is:V1 P2 K3 Vikruti/Current state: P2.5K3.5

Birth Date-Time-Place: Height: 5’8” Weight: 215lb

10 year old boy: Husky (K)

Energy level: Erratic – high and low

Sleep: 8-9 hours of sleep, very easy to go to sleep

Emotions primary: Irritability, bouts of rage and quick mood swings (V/P)

Emotions secondary: Depression, hopelessness, long standing throughout his life but he tries hard to exercise to counteract this

Bowel movements: 2-3/ day, loose stool (P) with stickiness (K). There is excessive flow in purisha vaha srota with high ama.

Appetite: Craves sweets at night, eats regularly in the day but at night can have a big meal to make up for missed food. He can go a long time without eating.

Bone structure: Kapha first and Pitta second.

Memory: Good memory – learns slowly and remembers (K)

Cholesterol: Normal with high triglycerides (K)

BP: Medium-high (K), more obstructive


Line down the middle = back pain

Teeth marks/ scallops around the edges = malabsorption, from food going through too quickly

Coating in purisha vaha srota area of tongue (back of tongue)

Fingernails: Very vague moon on the thumb only – low agni

Water intake: Has 8 cups of ice cold water presently – he’s thirsty, craves cold water he is Kapha imbalance. NB. The heat is trapped in the body by the excess omentum (K) and the body unintelligently craves to cool down the body. Enzymatic activity does not work at such a cold level thus the low agni.

About parasites: “Will hang out in the body when you are not there”. The life force of heat = consciousness and so when there is a lack of heat parasites and bacteria in our body overtake it (thus cravings for things that will sustain those that are living off us). Focus (meditation) can hold off a lot of diseases.


Stay physically active – sweat every day

Don’t hurry

Eat light at night. Eat main meal in for lunch.

Avoid iced water! See above point on parasites and the need for life heat in the body.

Avoid dairy for bronchitis.

Don’t eat while reading, or watch TV – only eat.

Avoid fruit with dairy – fructose digests rapidly and lactose digests slowly. The combination will cause putrefaction.

Sleep less – no more than 8 hours and be out of bed by 5 or 6am. Avoid day time sleep.

Would usually use Triphala to cleanse ama but he has a lot of Pitta going on.

Meditation – everyday for 15 mins x 2 at the same time. Meditation for Kapha is standing meditation = stand and look into the distance for 10 mins. Everyone needs to take time out for ‘digestion’ time. Diagnosis – high Pitta causing high Kapha i.e. eating late at night due to high appetitie, especially at 10 o’clock. The agni in the tissues is weak – causes weight gain and mucous production (all Kapha things).

**Custom Herbal Formula**

5pts Punarnava – wateryness in the stool, lover, spleen and lungs, edema

4pts Musta – digestion and lungs

3pts Brahmi – Centella asiatica -

3pts Avipattikar – stool

1 pt Kutaja – astringent for loose stool, tastes bad

1 pt Kutki -

3pts Vidanga – worms, germs and sperms

Take 1 tsp with Kutaja arishta/wine helps with stomach and colon disorders (binds the stool). Take 1tsp with herbs and 4-8oz of hot water. Take it 15-30 mins before food. The food will push the herbs down to the colon area.

Also have 1tsp Bilva upon waking – controls blood sugar and sugar cravings. It also promotes healthy stool formation

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