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This Ayurvedic Chinese Medicine health consultation is a follow-up to a consultation done two years prior. The patient is a woman who previously had a high vata imbalance with symptoms such as twitching and weak kidneys. During her first visit, her Prakruti was determined to be V1P2K3.

Since the last health consultation, the woman has reduced most of the excess vata, but she is now experiencing high kapha, especially swollen lymph nodes. She is also overweight, weighing 240 pounds. For this visit, she is interested in asking questions about lifestyle improvements to reduce the excess kapha and get information on what to do before getting pregnant.

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Questions and Answers

**Question: As kapha, okay to swim?**

Swimming is okay. Take a quick cold rinse afterwards, and then follow-up with a dry sauna (dry heat) to the point of sweating for about 15 minutes. The dry sauna will counteract the qualities of kapha. If you do aerobic, do elliptical or something smooth; not high impact because it is too hard on joints.

**Question: The lymph nodes under my armpit are swollen when doing major forgiveness. The swelling comes and goes. Is this okay?**

This makes sense because the lymphatic system is a major system for kapha. They dump stuff into the lymph nodes. Kapha women who are over 35 years old and without children are even more likely to get swollen lymph nodes due to kapha blocking up in the rasa tissue.

Drain the lymphatic by massaging from the sternum out to each armpit with castor oil on a regular basis. Massage the swollen lymph node in a clockwise direction to generate heat, which is soothing to kapha (and vata as well). You can also remove the block in the lymph nodes by sweating the toxins out. Exercise for 30 minutes every day, seven days a week. You need to stay in motion; stay busy and active.

There are a series of signs of excess kapha in the dhatus (tissues). The signs are in a specific order and where a person is at tells who far the excess kapha has progressed. You are at the pre-cursor stage.

**Question: I tried the raw food diet but it didn’t agree with me. okay?**

A raw food diet is not good for kaphas. It is okay for awhile because the food is full of prana, but it ends up disrupting the digestion system and it is too cool. Kapha need external heat. Only pitta can do a raw food diet because of their strong digestive fire.

Use raw honey instead of sugar because it is mucus scraping. Don’t add salt to food because water retention. Avoid premade food because full of salt, butter.

Never sleep during the day. Get up at sunrise, even better two hours before. Put alarm clocks everywhere in the room so get up. Take quick cool shower or cool water on face and scalp and eyes to remove kapha. When up, slap your body to stimulate the immune system. Hit the lymphatic and massage the kidneys to get kapha moving. These are things to jump start kapha. You can have black coffee without milk and sugar, green tea or black tea.

**Question: Cut out dairy. Okay?**

Yes, good for kapha not to have dairy.

**Question: As a kapha, okay to eat cherries? **

In moderation, cherries okay for kapha. Kaphas benefit most from dry spicy. Not like food in Indian restaurants, which are loaded with oils. Use tandoori and cayenne pepper. You can also have popcorn with cayenne pepper or with honey and cinnamon. As well, you can have corn bread or corn on the cob. Unlike kapha, they are dry.

**Question: Shredded wheat biscuits okay?**

Okay but wheat isn’t best for kapha. Better choice is rye or barley.

**Question: Eat chicken once or twice a week. Okay?**

Yes, but it is best to become vegetarian and giving up dairy. If you eat meat, eat white meat because it dries out the most. You can use fake meats to transition to vegetarianism. Bake chicken without sauce. This makes it dry, use tandoori mix to baste it. Dry cook the chicken in the oven.

Until you are a vegan, you will need herbs to help with excess kapha.

**Question: Okay to fast one day or two days a week?**

Fasting is very good for kapha. Recommend fasting article. Go to and then click the link “fasting” to download the article “NUT108_Fasting_Guidelines_for_Ayurvedic_Dietary_Nutritional_Therapy”.

For kapha, it is best to skip breakfast. For all doshas, it is good to fast once a week. During that time, do breath of fire (called bastrica pranayama) to increase the pitta digestive fire. If you don’t know how to do it, ask a yoga teacher. As well, do super nasya oil regularly.

Cook with bay leaves in food and enjoy black pepper. Go easy on sweets, except honey. Use rock salts. Enjoy more bitters and saute bitter greens like dandelion greens, endives, arugula good and kale, and mustard greens. If you steam, eat fast because food loses heat quickly. You can also try to bake vegetables like carrots with low oil.

**Question: Use dehydrator. Okay ?**

Yes. Also, enjoy garlic, leaks, chives as long as mind isn’t dull or depressed. Good for kapha. These make the mind dull and puts you to sleep. As long as happy-go-lucky, good to take. Can have them raw because you don’t have acid belly. If you are depressed or foggy, don’t take them.

**Question: I want to have a baby soon. Okay to take herbs?**

No problem when trying to get pregnant. When pregnant, take only light herbs. Recommend Dr. Lad’s audiotape on pregnancy. Definitely, do a home or professional panchakarma before getting pregnant. Both you and your husband should do it. Take one or two weeks off work and do it. Can do consultation on how to do it and consultation on vomiting (need supervision). Do one month before getting pregnant.

Consider when is the best time to get pregnant. For kapha, it is best to conceive in pitta season to counteract kapha dosha (may- august). Since your partner is vata, don’t get pregnant in Autumn.

**Question: I vomit at times, especially at times of emotional cleansing. Okay?**

Yes. Vomiting is a way for kapha to get rid of stuff.

Pulse, Tongue, Fingernails, and Ear Diagnosis


Very kapha with vata disturbance. The fast pulse is vata trying to hyper-vibrate as to break through kapha blockages. Also, noticed some eye tremors which is vata disturbance.


There is a line down centre of tongue due to extra weight on the spine. The tongue has normal coating and is round. Overall, it looks good.


Moons are visible on index finger, but not others.


Start of crease on one earlobe, which means kapha in the heart and blockage is forming. Check for high cholesterol. Best to be vegetarian. No cheese or frozen yogurt. Don’t eat yogurt, especially at night because it blocks the arteries. If you do, have yogurt as a lassi with cardamom. Don’t have ice cream. If you do, put cinnamon or cayenne on it. Spice it up. No cheese. If do, have goat cheese. Milk of goat is astringent. Spice it up with garlic or chives or tarragon or rosemary and then bake it on toast with no butter.

Switch from butter to ghee, olive oil, or sesame oil. Take ½ - 1 teaspoon black pepper with ghee and pinch of cayenne in mouth for minute before meal. Swish it around. It will make you eat less naturally. It will also lessen cravings for fat. Also, eat in silence as much as possible. It improves digestion. Then, go for walk after meal. Go at least 100 steps; ideally 1000 steps. Lastly, no breakfast, main meal at lunch, and light dinner for kapha. Do will only light out ideally.

Since weight is 240 pounds, it is best to use herbs for another six months to one year. You definitely need herbs until you become a vegan.

Take one teaspoon of the following customized herbal formula with one teaspoon of raw uncooked honey in four-to-eight ounces of hot water three times a day after each meal, for six weeks:

 * 5 [[parts]] [[punarnava]] (for excess kapha)
 * 3 parts [[kanchanara guggulu]] (for lymphatic system)
 * 2 parts [[kanchanara]] (for swollen lymph nodes)
 * 5 parts [[Arogyavardhini powder]] from [[Star of India]] (fat scrapping)
 * 2 parts [[Mahasudarshan formula]] (for [[lungs]]) 
 * 2 pats [[talisadi formula]] (for soothing kapha) 
 * 3 parts [[chitrak]] (sooths kapha and vata)

Also, take one teaspoon of triphala steeped in hot water or even better, boil it for ten

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