**Main Health Concerns**

Edema for last 10-12 years

Headaches – related to a condition where there is too much cerebral fluid on her brain

• Poor vision

Uterine Cysts that are painful

• Excess mucous, clearing throat

Confusion, depression

• Sweet cravings due to diuretic medication

• Feels cold

• Constipation **Constitution (Prakruti/ Genetic-Karmic Makeup):** V1 P2 K3

**Current State/ Vikruti:** V1.5 K4

**DOB:** 26th Sept 1971 **Birth time:** 6-8am **Birth Place:** Bombay (Kapha rainy season)

**Height:** 5’6” **Weight:** lb

**Ten year old:** Medium build

**Energy level:** Low

**Sleep:** Variable at the moment. She goes to sleep between 10pm to 2am and wakes up between 8am to 10am

**Primary Emotions:** Depression, sluggishness

**Memory:** Confused

**Routine:** Variable

**Bowel movements:** Very constipated at the moment

**Tongue:** Looks quite healthy, some white coating

**Temperature:** Cold, “freezing’’

**Menstruation:** Regular, no problems


Print off and read Balancing Kapha handout

Scrape tongue first thing in the morning


Avoid dairy

Avoid eggs

Avoid tomatoes

Don’t have salad to try and lose weight for Kapha (it is too cold and wet in nature). Only eat salad when it is very hot out.

Drink green tea to get astringent taste to balance excess Kapha.

Drink 4-5 cups of water and no more


Get up by 6am, before the sun, ideally an hour before


Exercise everyday in the early morning – any type that creates sweat or for half an hour OR twenty minutes 3 times a day


Aromatherapy: After shower put a single drop of essential oil (Eucalyptus, juniper, pine, cedar, cinnamon) on each chakra point (and also the fold of the lip) right after shower/ bath

Offer and light incense gift as a timer for 25 minutes (e.g. cinnamon, eucalyptus)

Then do five minutes of exercise, pat the body vigorously to wake the body up

5 minutes of pranayamaNadi Shodhana with Banyan Botanicals nasya oil

Chant rapidly seed syllables for 5 minutes: Ehh na lee pee she tee

This calms and quiets the mind before meditation

Standing meditation with arms out (isometric meditation) AND/OR meditate on the qualities of Kapha memorising the attributes of Kapha

**Custom Herbal Formula**

5 pts Punarnava //Boerhaavia diffusa//

4 pts Punarnava guggulu – edema, cyst

3 pts Guduchi //Tinospora cordifolia// - liver

4 pts Ashoka – astringent herb that dries up water retention

3pts Musta //Cyperus Rotundus// – direct herbs to reproductive for uterine cysts and also for digestion

1 pts Pippali – lungs and digestion

2 pts Arjuna //Terminalia Arjuna// – Kapha in heart

3 pts Gokshura //Tribulus terrestris// – kidneys, water retention

1 pt Shilajit – kidney, especially helps with cysts

3pts Brahmi //Bacopa asiatica// – mind

3pts Shankhapushpi //Evoluvus alsinoides// - mind

1 pt Vaca/ Calamus root //Acorus calamus - Rhizoma// - for depression and confusion

30 minutes before meals steep 1 tsp in hot water for 10 minutes, add honey at the end. Take this 3 times a day for 6 weeks.

Order Shilajit tablets from Banyan Botanicals: Take 2 tablets 3 x day with custom blend formula

Take Triphala – 1 large tsp with honey at bed time and possibly another 1 tsp in the morning

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