**Main Health Concerns**

• Possible asthma, breathing problems especially in winter


• A couple of winter colds each year with white mucous (excess Kapha)

**Constitution (Prakruti/ Genetic-Karmic Makeup):** V1 P3 K2

**Current State/ Vikruti:** V1.5 K3.5

**DOB:** 31st May, 2001 **Birth time:** 5pm **Birth Place:** Berkley = Pitta season, Vata/Kapha time

**Body:** 46lb,

**Blood Type**: B (not 100% sure)

**Energy level:** Very active, more scattered and hyper

**Sleep:** Good sleep, sometimes hard to get out of bed at 7:30am

**Primary Emotions:** Anxious

**Memory:** Learns fast, good memory

**Bowel movements:** Every other day. Floats.

**Tongue:** No coating, depression in heart/lung area

**Family History:** Father is lactose intolerant


Note: Blockages of the colon can create blockages of the lungs and vice versa

Drink more water to deal with constipation. Drink 1½ cups of warm water first thing in the morning. This helps ‘flush out’ the poop that is in the colon.

Avoid ice cold water/drinks. Give her a thermos of warm water.

Avoid dairy when Kapha is out of balance. Always avoid cheese as much as possible. Goat milk cheese better but not aged, salty goats fetta.

Feed her fruit for breakfast. Bananas are good for constipation but not so good for mucous.

Exercise is good

Teach childhood meditation techniques – walking quietly in nature.

Avoid dairy unless using organic, un-homogenised milk that has been heated with spices. Soy milk is not a fresh product as an alternative. Use Rice Dream as an alternative.

OIL: What stays solid at room temp increases Kapha i.e. ghee, coconut.

Download Kapha diet sheet

**Custom Herbal Formula**

1pt Dashamula – lungs and constipation 1pt Licorice/ Yashtimadu - lungs 1pt Talisadi – anti-Kapha mucous

¼ tsp 2 times a day in hot water and add some raw honey

Take ¼ tsp Triphala right before bed with raw honey. The mix has more Haritaki which will help with constipation and Bibhitaki which will help with excess mucous. The little bit of Amalaki will help with inflammation in the lungs. Triphala cleanses out and detoxifies the whole GIT.

Calcium, magnesium and zinc supplementation

NEVER label a disease, only ever look at its //attributes//

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