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**Source Audio File:**

 * **Patient:**  Male – 47 yrs old
 * **DOB:**  21/Jun/1959 (P)
 * **TOB:**  10:30 am (P)
 * **POB:**  Michigan (P)
 * **Height:**  5' 8"
 * **Weight:**  183 lbs (P,K), was 160 lbs in twenties (P), Bone Structure (P,K)
 * **As 10 yr old:**  Medium (P)
 * **Energy Level:**  Intense (P), yet hyper-scattered energy (V) which may be related to coffee intake and cigarettes.
 * **Sleep:**  Good and wakes up easily (K, balanced)
 * **Emotions:** Irritability/Anger primarily (P), Anxiety secondarily (V)
 * **Memory:**  Learn Slowly, Remember. Incredible memory (K)
 * **Bowel Movement:**  1 or less, constipation (V) 
 * **Mucus:**  White mucus in the morning, mucusy cough (K)
 * **Agni:**  Acid belly, Acid Reflux (P).  
 * **Ama (tongue exam):**  White [[ama]], Level 2 (K). Cracks (dehydration, check out photograph of the tongue from [[]]
 * **Pulse:**  Liver pulse: weak.  Pulse in general is very weak. 
 * **Cholesterol:**  Diagonal crease on the earlobe
 * **Headaches:**  Behind/around eyeballs (especially after eating dairy)(P)
 * **Others:**  High blood pressure, heat in arteries and increased intensity, may be related to increased coffee intake (P), frustration, impatience, anger, perfectionist (P), had numerous kidney stones (K), deep voice (K)\\ \\


 * Pulse is very weak (nearly depleted) probably due to meditation (the patient meditates 1.5 hrs daily).  Excess [[Kapha]] can also slow down the pulse.
 * Tongue has a purplish tinge, which indicates a problem of oxygenation because of smoking.
 * Kidney line on the face (puffy under the eyes and dark circles) indicates weak Kidneys.
 * Very clear diagonal crease on both ears, which is an indication of Kapha in the heart causing blockage and congestion.  [[Chelation Therapy]] is recommended to help with this problem.
 * [[Triphala]] is necessary for bowel movement.  It is a digestive tonic, detoxifying, rejuvenates energy.
 * Cracks on the tongue show dehydration.  The patient drinks lots of coffee (dehydrating) and only 3 cups of water per day.  Needs to increase water intake and reduce coffee intake.
 * **Diet:**  The patient must follow P-K diet and reduce salt intake.
 * **Coffee:**  Should cut off coffee because it weakens the kidneys, adrenals and liver.  Substitute with green tea or black tea or any coffee alternative.
 * Water:  Must drink 8 cups of water (2 liters) per day.  Drink 3 cups of warm water upon waking up.  Eat breakfast 30 minutes later.  This way the water goes to the [[Ambu Vaha Srota]] and [[Mutra Vaha Srota]] (incoming and outgoing water channels) to hydrate the body and flush toxins out.\\ \\


 * 5 pts [[Dashamula]] for the lungs, heart and digestion
 * 3 pts [[Talisadi]], lungs herb for K, for mucusy smoker cough, also for digestion
 * 2 pts [[Mahasudarshan]], P-K herb, for lungs also (very bitter)
 * 2 pts [[Yasthimadhu]] ([[Glycyrrhiza glabra]]), V-P-K-, expectorant, for the liver and all tissues
 * 5 pts [[Bacopa]] ([[Bacopa monnieri]]), for the liver\\ \\
     * Take 1 tsp of the above formula with 1 tsp of honey (lekhana) 3 times/day in a cup of hot water.  To be taken before a meal to help absorption.
     * The formula was kept simple because of the patient's allergies.
     * The formula focuses on the liver, lungs and the heart.  Focus the formula and do not try to treat all conditions at once.\\ \\


 * [[Triphala]]:   1 tsp in hot water at bedtime on empty stomach.  Increase (if constipated) or decrease the dose (if loose stools) 
 * **Smoking:**  to gradually get off the addiction take [[Gotukola]] ([[Centella asiatica]]) and/or [[Vacha]] ([[Calamarus root]]) with tobacco and smoke.  Gradually reduce the amount of tobacco and increase the amount of herb(s).  These are brain herbs which reduce V-P.  The patient may also try acupuncture to treat smoking.
 * **Pomegranate:**    Eat one pomegranate per day and/or pomegranate/blueberry juice (dilute with water – half/half).  Eat between meals.  Never eat fruits with a meal.  Pomegranates reduce P-K and are rejuvenating.

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