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**Source Audio File:**

 * **Patient:**  Male
 * **Sleep:**  Good (K), less sleepy during daytime (P and balanced K). 
 * **Emotions:**  normal, feels more calm since last consultation.
 * **Memory:**  Improved since the last consultation.
 * **[[Cholesterol]]:**  Prone to high cholesterol.
 * **[[Agni]]:** Currently no acidity, but suffered from [[ulcer]] previously.
 * **[[Bowel Movement]]:**  Since his last attack of ulcer his BM worsened, he is currently constipated and does not pass out enough stool.  Stool is loose not hard.  
 * **Ama (tongue exam):** lots of [[ama]], level 1 white coating [[Kapha]] ama.
 * **Pulse:** [[Kapha]] pulse.
 * **Nails:**  small moons indicating slightly impaired [[agni]].
 * **Pain:**  Pain in the ribs and shoulders (which improved since the last consultation).  Lower back pain which is interrupting his sleep, has not improved since last consultation.
 * **Health Concern:** [[Erectile Dysfunction]] which doctors say are caused by his low [[testosterone]] levels.  The previous formula did not help with this at all. 
 * **Others:**  Since last consultation the patient noticed an improvement in his memory and energy (he is not as tired as before).  Body heat is neutral, not hot nor cold.\\ \\


 * This is a follow up consultation.  The patient had been taken the prescribed herbal formula for 5-6 weeks.
 * The patient has used the [[Mahanarayan oil]] for his shoulders and ribs and this helped a lot with his pain.  He still has lower back pain which is bothering him and interrupting his sleep.  He has not been using Mahanarayan oil on his back.
 * The patient did not get the [[Ashwagandha Bala oil]] the doctor recommended for his pelvic region, including the lower back and kidney area.  The doctor said that the Ashwagandha Bala oil is not only good for his lower back pain, but will also help improve his sexual problem.  Herbs alone will not help with his [[Erectile Dysfunction]].  The patient needs to massage the whole pelvic area, including the genitals, lower back, lower abdomen and upper thighs with the Ashwagandha Bala oil.  However, the best oil for pain alone is Mahanarayan oil, while Ashwagandha Bala oil helps with his sexual debility.  The Ashwagandha Bala oil is very important for improving the functions of the male reproductive system and the kidneys.
 * Medical tests showed that the patients [[testicles]] were not producing adequate [[testosterone]].  He took few shots of testosterone but quit because of the accompanied dangers and side effects.  He has not told the doctor about this in the previous consultation.  The doctor will have to change his previous formula to treat this problem.  The doctor said [[Kapikacchu]], [[Ashwagandha]], [[Bala]], [[Shilajit]] and [[Gokshura]] will improve the function of his testicles naturally, but it will take time, usually few months, before seeing any improvement.
 * His [[ulcer]] improved with [[allopathic]] medicine.  Yet he is still prone to it and has to watch his diet.
 * The patient said that his [[colonoscopy]] showed [[diverticulitis]] (pouches in the colon due to constipation).  The patient is worried that this may develop into [[colon cancer]].
     * To develop [[cancer]] there must be other factors that deplete [[Ojas]] present, such as:
     * Lack of exercise
     * Eating an unhealthy diet with lots of meat 
     * Consumption of alcohol and different kinds of drugs
     * Presence of lots of [[ama]] in the body, and this usually manifests as a thick coating on the tongue.  Ama indicates poor [[agni]] unable to get rid of toxins, or ama. 
     * Lack of moons on the nails, indicated seriously impaired agni.
     * Teeth marks on the teeth indicating malabsorption, especially through the intestines.
     * Diagnoses of a [[tridoshic]] imbalance, usually done through questioning and pulse taking.
 * //The presence of all of the above alongside the diverticulitis can result in colon cancer.//\\ \\
 * Because of his constipation and ama on the tongue the patient must take [[Triphala]].  He did not take it because he was told that Triphala was heating and may aggravate his ulcer.
 * The doctor explained to the patient that Triphala consists of three fruits; [[Amalaki]] ([[Emblica officinalis]]), [[Haritaki]] ([[Terminalia chebula]]) and [[Bibhitaki]] ([[Terminalia belerica]]).  Amalaki is excessively cooling while Haritaki and Bibhitaki are warming, not heating.  The overall effect of Triphala is neutral and is [[tridoshic]].  It has no side-effects whatsoever, and the body does not get used to it, meaning that you can get medicinal benefit from it all lifelong.
 * Triphala is important because not only detoxifies and cleanses the body, but also acts as a [[rejuvenative]] or [[rasayana]] to all bodily [[dhatus]] starting from [[Rasa]] going all the way through [[Rakta]], [[Mamsa]], [[Meda]], [[Asthi]], [[Majja]] finally reaching the [[Shukra]] dhatu.
 * During the summer or if he had active ulcer the patient may take [[Amalaki]] instead of [[Triphala]].
 * The patient said that he noticed a very good improvement in his memory.  The doctor said that it was because of the [[Ashwagandha]], [[Bala]] and [[Guduchi]] that his previous formula contained.  He is less tired because of the [[Shatavari]] in his previous formula.
 * While the doctor was putting together the new herbal formula he asked the patient if his irritability or body heat increased.  The patient said no.  This is important because the doctor wanted to increase the dosage of [[Ashwagandha]], and if there is any increased irritability he would not be able to do so, because [[Ashwagandha]], which is [[Vata]] soothing primarily, can aggravate [[Pitta]] in high dosage.   Since the patient does not show signs of aggravated Pitta, no increased body temperature or irritation, the doctor was able to increase the dosage of Ashwagandha.\\ \\


 * 12 pts [[Bala]] ([[Sida Cordifolia]]), V-P-K=, for the male reproductive system, good for ulcers.
 * 10 pts [[Shatavari]] ([[Asparagus racemosus]]), V-P-K=, main herb for Pitta constitution, also for good energy
 * 10 pts [[Guduchi]] ([[Tinospora Cordifolia]]), V-P-K-, good for the energy.
 * 7 pts [[Kaishore Guggulu]] ([[Guduci]] – [[Tinospora cordifolia]] and [[Guggulu]] – [[Commiphora mukul]]), for hot sharp intense Pitta style pain and ulcers.
 * 5 pts [[Ashwagandha]] ([[Withania somnifera]]), V-P-K-, for the energy and male reproductive system.
 * 2 pts [[Gokshuradi Guggulu]] contains [[Gokshura]] ([[Tribulus terrestris]]), [[Guggulu]] ([[Commiphora mukul]]), [[Triphala]] ([[Haritaki]], [[Amalaki]] and [[Bibhitaki]]), [[Trikatu]] ([[black pepper]], [[Pippali]], [[dry ginger]]), and [[Musta]] ([[Cyperus rotundus]]). 
 * 1 pt [[Shilajit]] ([[Asphaltum]]) for the lower back pain and male reproductive system.

//Since the doctor learned new things about the patient's sexual condition, this herbal formula need to be modified. Also, the body gets used to the herbs, and it is always good to change ratios or herbs to prevent this.//


 * 5 pts [[Ashwagandha]] ([[Withania somnifera]]), V-P-K-, for the energy and male reproductive system.
 * 12 pts [[Kapikacchu]] ([[Mucuna pruriens]], to treat the sexual debility and low testosterone levels.
 * 8 pts [[Bala]] ([[Sida Cordifolia]]), V-P-K=, for the male reproductive system, good for ulcers.
 * 8 pts [[Vidari]] ([[Ipomoea digitata]]), for sexual debility
 * 8 pts [[Chandraprabha]] for the [[Vyadhi]] (disturbance or the disease), it is very good for the Kidneys, also good for the breakouts and acne.  The doctor is replacing the Shilajit, Kaishor Guggulu and Gokshuradi Guggulu with Chandraprabha which is good for male and female reproductive system, treats [[seminal debility]], [[erectile dysfunction]], enlarged [[prostate]], [[prostatitis]] and [[prostate cancer]].  This compound already contains Shilajit and Guggulu.
 * 4 pts [[Guduchi]] ([[Tinospora Cordifolia]]), V-P-K-, good for the energy.
 * 4 pts [[Brahmi]] ([[Centella asiatica]]), good for the [[Vata]] memory, inflammations in the body, joint pains, is detoxifying, good for the liver, calming.
 * 1 pt [[Kama Dudha]], acts as antacid, good for Pitta digestive problems.\\ \\

//Take 1 tsp 3 x day with meals.

It is preferred to take the herbs with milk together with 1 tsp ghee and 1 tsp honey, because milk, ghee and honey work as anupan or vehicles that enable the herbs to target the sexual tissue. The patient may take them with lactose free milk because he is lactose intolerant.

However, if the herbs are to be mixed with milk, they are to be taken between meals, because it is not good to mix milk (lactose) with food, especially with meat, fish, eggs, fruits, because then it becomes hard to digest.

The honey and ghee added to the milk are to be of equal quantities in volume, otherwise they become amagenic, or producing ama. This means that if you add 1 tsp ghee ghee you must add 1 tsp honey, no less no more. If you add 1/2 tsp ghee then you must add 1/2 tsp honey, and so on.

Thus, the patient may add 1 tsp herbs + 1 tsp ghee + 1 tsp honey to a cup of warm lactose free milk and drink this **between** the meals.//


Fill a jar with:

  * 2 lbs (20 oz – 40 oz) ghee
  * 20 dates
  * 1 tsp [[cardamom]]
  * Handful of [[saffron]] – 40 threads or so
  * 1 tsp [[trikatu]] (include [[black pepper]], [[dry ginger]] and [[pippali]])
  * 4 tbsp the new Herbal Formula\\ \\
//Let sit for 15 – 20 days. The dates will absorb the ghee and become candied. The patient may remove the dates then and add a new batch of dates. This does not need to be refrigerated if kept clean.

Take 3 dates a day, for breakfast or as a snack.

This is very good for the male reproductive system. The dates, spices and ghee are all anupan or yogavahi or catalytic agent vehicles that help transport the herbs to the shukra dhatu or male reproductive tissue.

These are good for the ojas –immunity, and virya - energy.//


Mix the following:

 * 1 cup lactose free milk (the patient is lactose intolerant)
 * 1 tsp ghee
 * 1 tsp sugar (natural sugar such as [[Rapadura]] or [[Sucanat]])
 * 10 soaked and blanched almonds (raw almonds are not for people with ulcer history)\\ \\
//Put in the Blender and blend. May be used with the herbs and ghee and herbs instead of the plain lactose free milk. It is a tonic for the male reproductive tissue.

This will produce even better results because it acts as an anupan. It is very important for reproductive tonics to have effective anupans to target the dhatu.//


Take 1 tsp one hour before bed time on an empty stomach if the stool is normal. Take 1/2 tsp if the stool is loose and stop if there is diarrhea.


Massage onto the ribs, shoulders and lower back in the morning before shower. Mahanarayan oil is effective in treating pain.


Massage onto the whole pelvic region, including the lower back, kidney region, lower abdomen, upper thighs, genitals, at bedtime. While massaging the genitals with the oil press onto the Acupressure points on the penis that target the sexual debility.

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