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File name: CLN301_V1P3K2_Erectile_08242003.wma

Main Health Concern

ulcer - relieved since previous visit


acid belly – relieved since previous visit

[[Constitution]] ([[Prakruti]] / Genetic-[[Karmic Makeup]]) is:V1P3K2 

Current State (Vikruti): P3

Sleep: sleep is generally good… (Kapha)

Primary Emotions: no extreme emotional changes. Generally calm.

Bowel Movement: once a day… scanty, loose stool. Expressed concern about not passing enough.

Moons: only slight on thumb. None visible on pointer and middle fingers. Poor digestion.

Ama (Toxins) from Tongue Exam: Tongue lots of ama accumulation white coating– not taking triphala – great for cleansing and nourishing tissues.

Pulse: kapha pulses

Custom Herbal Formula Prescribed:

Revised New Formula:

5 Shatavari

15 Ashwagandha

12 Kapikacchu

8 Bala

8 Vidari

8 Chandana prabha - Shilajeet – ground, Gokshuradi guggulu, bay leaf, musta, cardamom, turmeric, triphala, pippali, ginger, sandalwood and fennel mixture

4 Brahmi


Directions: 1 teaspoon 3x times per day for 6-8 weeks taken with 1tsp raw honey and 1tsp ghee for taste if needed (same amount by volume otherwise will cause ama/indigestion)


Standard Triphala: 2 Parts of Haritaki, 5 Parts of Amalaki, 3 Parts of Bibhitaki

½ teaspoon (if stool is loose) 1 tsp (normal) if having diarrhea (do not take) ~1 hour before bed (empty stomach)and / or 1 teaspoon upon awakening to make it more laxative (drink hot water first then drink triphala 30 minutes after)

Herbal Oils (Massage, Nasya):

Ashwagandha bala oil application

Other Recommendations:

Shukra ojas dates: 20 to 40 dates, pit, saturate in a pound of ghee, add 1tsp of cardamom, sapphron (40 threads), pippali, dried ginger, black pepper and 4 tbs of custom herbal formula - allow dates to candy for 20days

1 cup lactose free milk, 1 tsp sucanat (natural freeze dried sugar cane juice), 1 tsp ghee and 10 almond (blanched and run hot water over to remove skin) mix together

Mahanarayan oil will work temporarily until ashwagandha bala oil in obtained

Should implement yoga asanas, subtle spinal twists


Memory has improved due to ashwagandha, guduchi and bala herbs

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