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File name: CLN301_V1P3K2_K2.5_Acne_HRB108_Cons_08032003.wma

Main Health Concern


Prakruti: V1P3K2

Vikruti: K2.5

Sleep: very good (Kapha)

[[Memory]]:  concerned with memory loss

Bowel Movement: normal

Nails: Moons are coming back – digestion is improving

Custom Herbal Formula Prescribed:

2 Punarnava – tridoshic, decreases Kapha

1 Shatavari – tridoshic, increase Kapha in excess

Guduchi – Tridoshic, for the mind

Kudki – increase V, decrease P and K

Brahmi – For mind improvement

Vacha – helps skin and Agni, brain tonic

Directions: 1 teaspoon 3x times per day for 6-8 weeks taken with aloe gel in 8oz of hot water (with raw honey for taste if needed) 40minutes before meals to help with colon


Standard Triphala: 2 Parts of Haritaki, 5 Parts of Amalaki, 3 Parts of Bibhitaki

1 teaspoon ~1 hour before bed (empty stomach) and / or 1 teaspoon upon awakening to make it more laxative (drink hot water first then drink triphala 30 minutes after)

currently uses Pitta dusting powder- neem, manjistha, rose, turmeric and basen

Turmeric and manjistha internally with milk and ghee – limit milk due to Kapha

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