**Main Health Concerns**

Eczema – red and hot, dry and itchy. In various spots all over the body.

Asthma -

Acid belly

• Sometimes gets mouth ulcers

• Yeast infections, Leucorrhoea

• Occasional headaches around the eyeball area shows affected liver/ pitta

**Constitution (Prakruti/ Genetic-Karmic Makeup):** V1 P3 K2

**Current State/ Vikruti:** P3 (note: the link names says K3 but it is actually P3)

**DOB:** 6th Jan, 1981 **Birth time:** 6:00am **Birth Place:** Columbia, dry but temperate

**Height:** 5’3” **Weight:** 49kg (pitta/vata)

**Ten year old:** Medium

**Blood Type**: O+

**Energy level:** Very energetic, does yoga every day. Sometimes feels very lazy. Intense and sensitive to wind.

**Sleep:** Used to have insomnia but her sleep has greatly improved thanks to her yoga practice. Her insomnia was both vata and pitta style i.e. light sensitive and sound sensitive.

**Primary Emotions:** Irritability

**Secondary emotions:** Anxiety

**Memory:** Good memory generally. Learns slowly but doesn’t remember well.

**Blood Pressure:** Normal

**Cholesterol:** Normal, ear lobes don’t have diagonal line

**Agni:** Gas, burping, bloating all the time. She has high appetite (Tikshna agni) and gets irritable if she has to wait. Hypoglycaemia is low blood pressure.

**Fingernails/moons:** OK

**Bowel movements:** 3-4 times shows high pitta, loose stool, diarrhoea like every other day. Usually sinks, she has to flush twice due to traces on the bowl – this shows ama. Wet farts equals damp heat (high pitta and ama).

**Pain:** Some stomach pain and nausea that is relieved by having a bowel movement (this shows pitta as the heat is released with a BM. Note. Vata is the opposite).

**Taste in mouth**: She has a bitter taste in the mouth which again shows high pitta. She also has bad smelling breath. Vishram is a quality of pitta which means a fleshy, fermented smell, metallic or bloody. It is usually related to infection or too much heat.

**Occupation/ Study**: First she studied art (vata creativity) and now she is doing drama theatre (pitta’s tend to be more dramatic as heat expands and looks good on stage).

**Itching nose &/or anus**: Yes to both but especially in the nose. This shows she needs anti-parasitic diet and herbs. Note: If someone tends to have a chronic condition like hers in the skin (it has been there for the last 2 years) this could indicate parasites (//krimi//)

**Ama:** Stool shows ama but there is no coating on her tongue, damp heat in blood

**Pulse:** Weak liver, classical pitta pulse overall i.e. rebounding and intense

**Tongue:** Fairly healthy looking pitta tongue, no coating

**Menstruation:** Painful but normal flow. Started at 13years and have been very regular. Has white coloured Leucorrhoea.


Follow Vata-Pitta diet. Whole treatment is to address pitta (eczema) without increasing vata (insomnia, anxiety). Avoid coffee (she drinks soy latte a lot). This is a big contributor to her high pitta (also increases vata). Over 2 years to make changes in diet 25% every six months.

Read Balancing pitta; meditate on these qualities

When eating ONLY eat - chew food well and mindfully, don’t read etc., also be aware of food combining such as not mixing fruit with milk (look in Vasant Lad’s cookbook).

[[Bakuchi oil]] from  is great for [[eczema]] and can be used topically where eczema is worse.

Neem oil from and apply 1 ounce/day over the rest of the body. Then have a bath (preferably) or shower. Buy a ‘shower filter’ due to the high chlorine content in her water. It is also good for pittas to put neem oil on their skin before going into chlorine pools to avoid or decrease skin irritation.

Neem bath: 2 x tablespoons of neem in a big pot of water and boil for 20 mins, put into bath and soak in bath until skin is pruned. Do this a couple of times a week. Don't put oil on the skin before the neem bath.

Take 1 tsp of turmeric 2-3 times a day for the next 30 days.

Apply a single drop of essential to the neural plexus of the body aka chakras. This will help with irritability and help the skin. Good choices are: Sandalwood and Vetivert, //Khus//.

Contemplative meditation: Light the sandalwood incense stick as a time keeper. Meditate on the attributes of pitta and how they manifest to gain contemplative knowledge and insight. Take one two days for each quality – one day for diagnosis i.e. hot – where is hot manifesting in her body and diet and the next day on the cure of that quality. Then move to the Vata qualities. Pranayama for 5 mins: Alternate nostril breathing and Sheeta li (cooling breath)

Seed syllables for 5 mins: Do lu do lu nan sue shi de ja li sa wa hur These are sounds that soothe pitta in the nervous system and overall body.

Next she needs to put her awareness on one nostril for 5 mins and focus on the breath without judgement.

**Custom Herbal Formula**

6pts Guduchi //Tinospora Cordifolia// - bitter herb, anti-inflammatory, good for the liver, skin and headaches

4pts Kaishore Guggulu – skin, digestion

4pts Manjistha //Rubia Cordifolia// - Number one blood purifier in Ayurveda, TCM and Tibetan medicine, skin

4pts Bakuchi – helps the skin directly

5pts Neem – directed to the skin, bitter

5:1 concentrated extract Kutki - bitter

3pts Kutaja //Holarrhena antidysenterica// – skin problems and binding the stool, bitter, helps with parasites

4pts Anantamula (Sariva) – the root beer herb, sweet tasting, helps the skin, painful menstruation and yeast infections (white or yellow), asthma

3pts Ashoka //Saraca Indica// - for painful menstruation but is also for the skin

3pts Chitrak //Plumbago Zeylanica// – helps liver, skin, digestion and prevents parasites

3 pt Avipattikar – gas, bloating, burping etc. Acid belly, asthma

3pts Licorice //Glycyrrhiza glabra//– irritability, calms mind & memory, helps with yeast infection when combined with the bitter herbs, asthma

4pts Shatavari //Asparagus Racemosus// – menstruation pain, acid belly,

3pts Shankhapushpi //Convolvulus pluricaulis// - irritability for the liver, liver headaches, memory & insomnia

2pts Musta – digestion where there is gas plus acid quality, asthma

1 tsp 3 x a day, steeped in hot water for a 5 minutes (it would be good to add aloe vera gel – ‘Lily of the desert’ brand to it as well), 20-30 minutes after a meal or with a meal

Take ½ to 1 tsp of Amalaki before bed as her ama cleanse (instead of Triphala because she has such high pitta). This helps get toxins out of her body without creating loose stool. Can also take Aloe Vera gel with the amalaki at night.

**Further notes**

Note on Acid belly:

Acid belly, sour gut stays in the stomach area

Acid Reflux rises up a bit

Heart burn to the heart region

Regurgitation – all the way up to the mouth

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