CLN301_V1P3K2_K3_Eczema-Asthma-Liver-Migraines-Anger-Yeast-Infection_11082008_Followup_20090112 CLN301:V1P3K2-V2P3.5 Eczema, asthma, liver, migraines, anger, yeast infection 11-08-2008 followup 01-11-2009 Main concerns: yeast after period still not as painful waking up earlier than desired 4-5:30 sometimes still want to work on skin no asthma attack for awhile acid is reduced taking turmeric capsules tongue is a little red at the tip P pulse is high pitta lungs still show p/wk liver pulse is still a little weak p/wv itchy after shower ( meditation helps) follow V/P diet or P diet for skin & address V in behavioral practice, meditation and exercise continue wearing more earth toned colors (forest) get bakuchi oil for eczema continue oleation with neem check out for khadira wine and dinesha skin oil nila brinjhari oil for crown and 3rd eye esp. on feet for insomnia & a little in ear if needed watch out for strong and sharp cheese (soft goat is OK, not feta) meditation on attributes of diet and activity is important order mineral salt from banyan add bitter melon, burdock (gobo), bitter greens to diet 2-3X per week to tonify liver skin &digestion + purify blood take Lungs Skin Blood Moon V/P w 2 Tbs kadira wine 30-40 mins after food (to carry it to the lungs) 4x vidari for complexion, acid, reproductive 4x konchanar guggulu for lymphatics 7x manjistha to purify blood 7x neem for eczema 4x ashoka for painful cycle 8x anantamula (sarsaparilla) for skin 7x shatapuspa (fennel) for skin & painful cycle 3x avipattikar for acid belly 3x bramhi for irritability, liver, headaches 2x chitrak for digestion 4x vidanga for digestion, parasites 3x maha sudarshan lungs, liver, loose stool continue to take amalaki 1 tsp @ bedtime followup in 2 mo for spring formula


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