**Note on her practice and compliance since her last consultation around 8 weeks previously: **

She has been very compliant with herbs, diet and practice. She has been following her 30 minute practice almost every day of Pranayama, meditation, contemplative wisdom and yoga. This will address Vata directly, allowing her to follow a more Pitta diet to address her skin problems more. There is a discussion on how to live a well balanced life once one has practised contemplative meditation and can see, inside and out how the environment changes and how that environment is balanced by the 5 pillars: Sleep, food, exercise, sex & meditation. Below are her main health concerns with some of the improvements she has experienced.

**Main Health Concerns**

Eczema – red and hot, dry and itchy. Still there but has improved on her face especially. It gets worse with her periods.

Asthma – this has improved

• Yeast infection after periods

• Some painful menstruation, but 50% less painful

Acid belly has improved

• Headaches around the eyes has improved

**Constitution (Prakruti/ Genetic-Karmic Makeup):** V2 P3 K1

**Current State/ Vikruti:** P3

**DOB:** 6th Jan, 1981 **Birth time:** 6:00am **Birth Place:** Columbia, dry but temperate

**Height:** 5’3” **Weight:** 49kg (pitta/vata)

**Ten year old:** Medium

**Blood Type**: O+

**Energy level:** Good

**Sleep:** Some insomnia

**Primary Emotions:** Frustration with eczema

**Bowel movements:** 1/ day (vast improvement since initial consultation)

**Pulse:** High pitta pulse – high, intense, regular, ‘excess pulse’. Lung pulse goes from pitta location over to Kapha showing history of asthma (it is also a Kapha season and she recently had a cold). Liver pulse is a little bit weak compared to others.

**Tongue:** Less fiery looking tongue, except at the tip.

**Menstruation:** Her menstrual pain has decreased – every second period she has no pain.


Bakuchi oil – the most important oil for her eczema, especially on the outbreak areas. She was unable to get this since her last consultation. She can also try Denacia Skin Oil from TriHealth.

Add Super Nasya Oil to pranayama practice – single drop on pinkie and breathe in before pranayama.

Buy from TriHealth Khadira Arishtam OR/& Mahamanjishta Kwatha – both of these are for her eczema mainly. Take 1 tablespoon with custom herbal formula.

Nila Bhringaraj oil – Rub this into the soles of her feet for insomnia. If this doesn’t help she can apply a little to the crown before going to sleep. Finally she can also put it in her ears as form fitting ear plugs when she finds it hard to sleep. This is a cooling oil.

Goats Cheese is an OK cheese for her to have but not Goats Fetta (it is aged, salty and intense).

Include bitter melon and burdock (‘Go Go’) in her diet.

**Custom Herbal Formula: “Winter formula for skin mostly also lungs and painful menstruation”**

4pts Vidari – to replace the Shatavari in her previous formula, acid belly, painful menstruation,

4pts Kanchanar Guggulu – cleanses the lympathics

7pts Manjistha //Rubia Cordifolia// - Number one blood purifier in Ayurveda, TCM and Tibetan medicine, skin – the extra Manjistha is used to replace the Bakuchi in her previous formula

7pts Neem – for the eczema, extra neem is used to replace the Kutki extract from her previous formula

4 pts Ashoka – number one for painful menstruation (symptomatic approach)

8pts Anantamula (Sariva/ Sarsaparilla) – the root beer herb, sweet tasting, helps the skin, painful menstruation and yeast infections (white or yellow), asthma, tri-doshic

3pts Avipattikar – for gas, bloating, burping etc, Acid belly, asthma

Fennel //Shatapushpa// - removes skin disease, remover of difficult to cure skin disease, to harmonise the formula

3pts Brahmi //Centella Asiatica// - headaches, mind herb, memory (to replace the Shankhapushpi as her body is used to this now).

2pts Chitrak - Instead of Musta for digestion

4pts Vidanga – Parasites

3pts of Mahasudarshan - “the great happy to look at” - instead of Kutaja for binding the stool, also good for the lungs (it is winter time and she has had a cold).

1 tsp 3 x a day, steeped in hot water for a 5 minutes take it with 2 tsp of Khadira Arishta, 20-30 minutes after a meal.

Take ½ to 1 tsp of Amalaki before bed as her ama cleanse (instead of Triphala because she has such high pitta). This helps get toxins out of her body without creating loose stool.

Fish smelling herb //Houttuynia cordata//- this is a TCM herb good for the lungs, digestion, urinary system – getting rid of excess fire, loose stool tendencies, yeast infections, anti-inflammatory qualities. This is a good single herb for her to take. She can boil it.

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