**Source Audio File:**

 * **Patient:**  Female Attorney
 * **DOB:**  4th Aug 1977 (P)
 * **POB:**  California (P)
 * **TOB:**  12:03 am (P)
 * **Height:**  5' 2"
 * **As a 10 yr old:**  Medium (P)
 * **Weight:**  125 lbs (P,K)
 * **Blood Type:**  B- (K)
 * **Energy Level:**  Medium steady (K)
 * **Sleep:**  OK/Balanced, Deep and Good (K).  Prefers total darkness to sleep (P out of balance in nervous system).  Sleeps easily and likes sleeping (K), wakes up at the same time and easily (balanced K, also P makes you wake up easily).
 * **Emotions:**  Jealous/Irritable primarily (P), Anxious occasionally (V).  Occasional sadness (K), but for a couple of hours only (P makes you get over sadness/depression quickl).
 * **Memory:**  Not great memory, learn fast and forgets (V)
 * **BP:**  Normal
 * **Cholesterol:**  Normal
 * **Bowel Movement:**  3 B.M. loose and muddy (P).  Blood in stool (P).  Stool sinks twice a week ([[ama]]) 
 * **Agni:**  [[Tikshna]], [[Acid belly]], Irritable Bowel, Pain around belly button area (P).  Vomiting and nausea (P out of balance). 
 * Nails:  Moons lacking in index and middle fingers (Agni slightly out of balance).  
 * **Ama (tongue exam):**  OK normal pink, no coating.  Slightly red (P).  Check photograph of the tongue from [[]]
 * **Pulse:**  A Pitta/Kapha pulse.  No weakness in organs.
 * **Pain:**  Cold, radiating, pulsating (V).  Pain in abdomen around belly button area (P).  Hot pain (P)
 * **Headaches:**  Back of head at the time of tension (V)
 * **Menstruation:**  [[Dysmenorrhea]] (slightly painful lately)(V).  Regular (P).  Yellow discharge (P).  Clotting menstruation lately (V).
 * **Others:**  Little sensitive to wind, especially in winter, freezes in winter (V).  Cold hands and feet (V).  Intense personality (P).  Attorney (P).  Sour taste in mouth (P).  Laughs a lot (K).  Work for non-profit organization, compassionate nature (K).  Face (K) bone structure is medium ([[mesomorph]]) (P).  Main concern is digestive problems.  Other concern is Psoriasis.  \\ \\


 * 8 pts [[Bala]] ([[Sida Cordifolia]]), V-P-K=, slightly aggravates K, increased dosage because of P in the digestive tract, acts as an acid absorber, good for the liver.
 * 1 pt of 1 to 5 concentrate [[Guduchi]] ([[Tinospora cordifolia]]), V-P-K-, especially P, for the blood, liver and the skin.
 * 2 pts [[Neem]]/[[Nimba]] ([[Azadirachta indica]]), V+P-K-, especially soothes P, for the liver and the blood, also good for [[Psoriasis]].
 * 1 pt of 1 to 5 concentrate [[Musta]] ([[Cyperus rotundus]]), V+P-K-, soothes P especially, a digestive herb (main concern), also good for the liver.
 * 1 pt of 1 to 5 concentrate [[Yasthimadhu]] /[[Licorice]] ([[Glycyrrhiza glabra]]), V-P-K+, for memory and anxiety.
 * 2 pts [[Manjistha]] ([[Rubia cordifolia]]), V=P-K-, soothes P especially, liver/blood purifier, treats Psoriasis
 * 5 pts [[Avipattikar]], V-P-K-, soothes P especially, digestive herb for P agni. 
 * 1 pt [[Bilva]] ([[Aegle marmelos]]), for the [[Purisha vaha srota]] to bind the stool, V-P=, it is slightly warming.
 * 1/2 pt [[Shanka bhasma]], Conch shell powder, acts as antacid, V-P-K-, soothes P especially.
 * 1 pt [[Gokshura]] ([[Tribulus terrestris]]), V-P-K-, soothes P especially, for the kidney, lower back pain, beginning of painful menstruation.
 * 1 pt [[Hawthorn berry]] ([[Crataegus oxycantha]]), for digestion.\\ \\
// Take 1 tsp of the above herbal formula with 1 tsp of aloe vera gel Pitta anupana in a cup of hot water after steeping and cooling off. Take 5 minutes before meals, 3 times a day.//


 * 5 pts [[Amalaki]] ([[Emblica officinalis]]), V-P-K-, soothes P especially, cools off  P in all dhatus, binds stool.
 * 2 pts [[Bilva]] ([[Aegle marmelos]]), to bind the stool.\\ \\

//Take 1 tsp at bedtime in a cup of hot water on an empty stomach//


Follow Pitta soothing diet


Meditate for 30 minutes before bedtime, or for 15 minutes twice a day.


Practice Shitali Pranayama (cooling breath), which is breathing through a curled tongue or through tightly clenched teeth, for 21 times while sitting crossed legged. Shitali Pranayama has a cooling effect on the mind and body.

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